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Stag kidnapping sparks police investigation

Red7 , July 21, 2011

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An increasingly popular prank for a stag do is to arrange the kidnapping of the stag. Yes, plotting together with the other members of the stag do to arrange for a group (often disguised as police or soldiers) to capture him, handcuff him, blindfold him and throw him in the back of a van. What is done with him after can vary, although it usually involves making him sweat for a bit – well where would be the fun otherwise?

A recent group of stags in Sweden were doing just this and consequently having been overheard and spotted attacking what seemed to be an innocent guy, onlookers called the police to report it. A member of the stag group Joakim Karlsson said to police;

“We shouted ‘lie down’ and maybe there was an echo in the garage”

Once the guys heard about this they went straight to the police to explain themselves as infact it was an eccentric stag do prank. Local police officer Sture Torstensson said;

“We couldn’t rule out that it was a prank, but neither could we rule out that it was serious crime”

If organising the kidnapping of your mate sounds like a good laugh and will be a memory you’ll think he’ll look back fondly on (once the fear passes) then Eastern Europe is the place to go. On a Riga stag do, you can arrange an actual police “special unit” van to kidnap the stag. The stag is arrested either at the airport or on exit from a bar, handcuffed, blindfolded and chucked in the back of the van. Whilst he’s panicking and racking his brains as to what he could have done wrong (aside from the previous night’s antics!), he’s driven to a stripclub where his blindfold is taken off and it’s revealed that it’s all been a prank.

Harsh prank? Well he is rewarded with a lapdance!

This can go wrong in more ways than just being spotted by onlookers or picked up by the local police – you must make sure that the rest of the group knows about the hoax and most importantly that the stag has a sense of humour!

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