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Snap! How your DNA will make the decision on your life partner

Red7 , May 21, 2014

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Birds of a feather flock together.

The truth of this old adage has been scientifically proved by the first ever study of the part genes play in the search for Mr and Ms Right,

Benjamin Domingue, research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder, examined 1.7 million places in the DNA which are known to differ between humans, and compared the overlap between husbands and wives with the rest of the sample.

Surprise! It turned out that spouses have more in common than random matches.

Mr Domingue said couples are likely to have many characteristics in common, including religion, age, race, income, body type and education.

He said:  “It’s well known that people marry folks who are like them. But there’s been a question about whether we mate at random with respect to genetics.”

In addition to investigating the possible link between genes and wedded bliss, researchers  measured the power of genes in the game of attraction.

The researchers found that the preference for a genetically similar spouse is about a third as powerful as that of educational level.

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