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Sex on the beach? You’re hired!

Red7 , February 28, 2014

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Job seekers are set to get shaken and stirred by the  chance to mix with the top cocktails makers in the country.

Prince Charles in backing the new apprentices which will give unemployed 18-23 year olds training in the art of cocktail mixology.

The Institute Project, created by the Prince’s Trust, is building a training centre for the next generation of mixologists.

Vicky Yorke, at The Prince’s Trust, said 15 respected bars are supporting the project, including The London Cocktail Club.

From the end of March, a  pop-up cocktail bar in the centre of  London will provide mixology experience for a group of jobseekers from the Prince’s Trust.

The apprentices will gain a new British Institute of Innkeeping qualification to show they know an Absinthe Sour from a Zesty Irishman.

The idea has gained the support of JJ Goodman, owner of the London Cocktail Club.

He said: “I’m excited to be showcasing cocktail bar tending in all its glory, drawing in the next generation who will hopefully continue to push the industry forward.”

Jamie MacDonald’s signature cocktails have won snared a string of accolades, including World Class UK Bartender 2011.

He said: “The Institute Project will be a true leader in training our next generation of professional bartenders. It is humbling to be a part of raising exceptional talent within a vibrant and growing industry.”

Muhammed Khan, 19, from London said: “The Institute Project will give me the opportunity to learn new skills and will be a great chance for me to break into the industry.”

To take a place among the mixers and shakers click here.

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