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Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas and Events that Won’t Break the Bank

Red7 , February 11, 2014

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 Do It Yourself

Cook a meal together: Cooking can be incredibly romantic, especially when you’re creating something extra special for each other. Why not find a romantic 3 course Valentine’s meal recipe online, meet each other after work on Friday and grab the ingredients and a bottle of wine on the way home? There’s no reason not to dress up for your cosy romantic meal at home and set the table with candles and flowers. Sometimes the cheaper options can be far more romantic and intimate.

Make a card: Valentine’s Day cards mean more when they’re handmade and are far more cost effective. You don’t have to be artistic to make your own either – just buy some card and glue and make a collage of photographs you’ve taken together and write a simple yet personal message on the front.

Coupons: Go the extra mile and make Valentine’s Day coupons to put inside your homemade card. Cut out 10 or more squares of paper and write out a romantic promise that you will do for your Valentine when presented with the voucher – to be redeemed at any time. These can be anything (depending on what you find romantic) from cups of tea, massages, a romantic walk, to naughtier bedroom favours. All free (except the tea bag), all perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Home spa day: It’s easy to create a luxurious spa environment at home for the Valentine’s weekend without the hefty price tag. Buy some scented oils, candles, face masks and scrubs and spend a lazy day pampering each other until you’re both glowing.

Get artistic: Getting creative together is a fun and cheap way to bond on Valentine’s Day. It’s up to you whether you keep it clean and make some art work for your house, or even take it in turns to attempt some sexy nude life drawings.

Make a saucy album – or turn the camera on each other: This is perfect if you have a printer at home. Take 12 sexy photographs of yourself for every month of the year (this calendar will be Valentine’s Day to Valentine’s Day). You could dress up in certain themes depending on the month, and experiment with filters, perhaps with a classy black and white or vintage look. Print the saucy photos off and fashion into a  homemade calendar your partner won’t be able to resist checking every day.

Watch an old movie: Choose a film from the year you met, or an old classic romantic film that never fails to tug at the heart strings. Make some popcorn, pop open the bubbly and cosy up on the sofa for the perfect low key Valentine’s night in. (See below for Valentine’s Day old movie cinema screenings).

Days out

Bike ride to a cosy pub: Take your bikes (or borrow bikes if you don’t have one) and escape for a few hours on Valentine’s weekend. If you live in the city, head out to the countryside and enjoy the quiet. Finish the day warming up with a cheap meal in a cosy pub.

Visit the park: Parks are made for Valentine’s Day lovers. Take a stroll through your local park, or venture out to an especially pretty one. It’s too cold for picnics in February so you could always take a flask of hot chocolate or coffee to keep you warm.

Flower Markets: Visiting a flower mark is a  cheap and  much more exciting alternative to buying  a ready-made bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Lovers can walk through the market, admire the view and make up a bouquet together, for a fraction of the price.

Flower markets on Valentine’s weekend in London:

New Covent Garden Flower Market, Vauxhall, London, open monday – Saturday, 4am-10am

Columbia Road Flower Market, Hoxton, open Sundays 10am-3pm

Fresh Flower Stall

Flower markets on Valentine’s weekend in Manchester:

Piccadilly Gardens Flower Market, open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10am-5.30pm

Cheap Valentine’s Day events across the UK


Late Night torch lit tour of Keats’ house, £8

You’d be hard-pressed to fnd a more romantic Valentine’s Day setting than the home of the  much-loved romantic poet, John Keats, near the equally picturesque Hampstead Heath. Lovers will recieve a tour of the house, romantic workshops and bubbly to leave you feeling all of a flutter.

Club de Fromage – Valentine’s Power Ballad Special, £8

Not a fan of all this Valentine’s Day soppiness? Rebel against the kittens and love hearts at the 02 Academy Islington on Saturday Nght with a club night from 10.30pm – 3.30am. Meatloaf, anyone?

Battersea Cat Stroking Day

London’s craze for cats shows no sign of abating, what with the cat cafe on the way and now Battersea Cattery opening it’s doors on Valentine’s Day  for a cat and owner matchmaker day.


Cornerhouse Valentine’s Screening of ‘Only Lovers Left Alive,’ £8

This brilliant film starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston will be screened at the Cornerhouse, Manchester on Valentine’s weekend. Film buff lovers can cosy up  over this tale of two lovestruck vampires which spans centuries.


Mac Cinema Screening of Casablanca with Lovers’ meal and bubbly, £12-23

The mac arts centre in Birmingham will be showing two special film screening this Valentine’s Day of classic love film, Casablanca. Friday night’s screening package includes two glasses of champagne, finger food, tea and coffee and macaroons. Saturday’s screening includes wine and chocolate covered strawberries.

Valentines’ Day at Birmingham Selfridges

Birmingham’s iconic Selfridges building is hosting a romantic day of chocolate workshops, sharing desserts, champagne and Valentine’s Day pampering sessions.


Valentine’s Masquerade Ball at the Tipis, £5

Spend Valentine’s day in the incredibly romantic beach setting of the Tremendous Tipis at Brighton Music Hall. Celebrate under the canopy in the beautiful lit space and dance the night away.


Propose at The Beatles Story after hours for free

The Beatles Story exhibition is opening it’s doors on Valentine’s Day just so couples can come in and propose! Staff will be on hand with cameras, flowers and champagne, so if you fancy proposing this Valentine’s Day in John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ White Room or the Yellow Submarine, here’s your chance for the perfect Beatles fan Valentine’s Day present.


Valentine’s lovers special entry to the zoo, two for £20

Bristol Zoo Gardens are offering couples a special discount this Valentine’s Day. Nothing says romance like monkeys and penguins, so travel back to your childhoods and get discovering for a quirky Valentine’s Day alternative day out.

Valentine’s Gifts she’ll absolutely love.

The most romantic places on Earth – perfect for a Valentine’s Day proposal.


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