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Your celeb and local news of the week shortened!

Red7 , September 5, 2014

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OK – so the three words Rihanna’s raunchy video may not be the most original in the blogosphere, but the 26-year pint-sized superstar caused a stir when she shared her Twerking skills with her pals on board luxurious super-yacht The Galaxy in the Med.

The tabloid’s favourite sported a tan two-piece bikini as she shook her booty in time to the music generated from a nearby sound system. With moves like those, she’ll never leave the headlines behind.

Super-intelligent and stunningly pretty, Amal Alamuddin, has been seen at the headquarters of Alexander McQueen, the fashion label that created Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. The 36-year-old human rights lawyer is expected to marry 53-year-old George Clooney later this month. She spent an hour and a half at the firm’s offices in Clerkenwell, East London, with her mother, the respected journalist Baria Alamuddin.

Our snap of the week from Global Grasshopper features the stunning views of the Seven Sisters in Sussex . Whether you are looking out to sea from the top of one of the Sisters or back across the sheer white cliff faces from the shore , you will be awed by the scale and majesty of  this location.

Sussex Beach Hen Party

Sometimes wedding plans are not a shoe-in. Find out what happened when a library venue cancelled a couple’s wedding eight weeks before the big day and they chance upon a restored warehouse as an alternative.  Style Me Pretty has the details.

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