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Red7’s Liz Goes Chocolate Making, plus, Exclusive Interview

Red7 , September 13, 2013

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On Monday, lucky old me went to London for a chocolate making class to experience what these beautiful chocolatiers are all about.

It’s only a hop, skip and a jump from Chancery Lane tube station before I come across My Chocolate HQ and find my way down into the belly of their London building to be met by one of their friendly staff who shows me into their simply decorated workshops complete with retro chequered flooring, twinkly lights, Madonna happily blaring in the background and, more importantly, a whole hunk of chocolate sitting in front of me.

Or, more specifically, a whole hunk of sumptuous home-made chocolate fudge, sits before me, which is difficult to resist  for the duration of the initial – don’t get me wrong, very interesting – talk about how chocolate came to be as we know it today, as a Twix bar?  But alas, the key here is to not to eat the fudge straight off the bat as you’ll be needing it for your next learning curve: making nice little chocolate fudges with fancy bits and bobs and buttons and curls and flakes and, you get the picture.

My instructor is Nicola, let me in on some trade secrets, such as how to dip giant marshmallows into chocolate just so, and more tricky techniques such as the elusive ‘wagging the tail’. But before that, Nicola informs me that all the ingredients are organic, well sourced and of top quality, but at this point I’m already sold as I’ve eaten a bunch of the stuff and it’s damn tasty.

So, after a quick class from the master I dive in and give my first chocolate coated fudge a whirl (no pun intended). I begin by cutting out an oval of fudge and delicately dunking it into a bowl of liquid chocolate, lifting it out with a special chocolate fork to let all the excess chocolate drip off before popping my little beauty down and, finally, shuffling it around the parchment lined steel tables to prevent a glut of chocolate forming at the base. I then add a little detail by sprinkling my personal favourite, crushed sugared nuts on top, before allowing to dry. And hey presto! I’ve made my first chocolate fudge to take home with me.

During all the fun and games, I got down to some real business and asked Nicola a few questions about how My Chocolate came about, why their workshops are so popular with hens and what treats they have in store for us in the future:

So, what’s the story behind My Chocolate?

It’s been 10 years since our founder, Hannah Saxton, decided to set up the venture after a visit to Amsterdam sparked her enthusiasm for the chocolate business. At that point she gave up university and set up My Chocolate using the last of her student loan and operated out of her London apartment. Now we have three bases across the UK, a fully equipped mobile service and growing every year.

And why do you think your chocolate themed parties are so successful with hens?

I think everybody loves what we do because, well, everyone loves chocolate and it’s a great bonding exercise, it’s fun and it’s a chance to get creative. It’s also a low risk activity because it’s easy to organise, you know everyone’s going to enjoy it and you also get to take away the chocolates you make.

What exciting events do you have in store for us in the upcoming months?

At the moment we have an extensive range of packages that can be personalised to anyone’s tastes, including our Choc-tail making classes with chocolate vodka Martinis, which are always popular,  as well as some exciting new additions coming up for Christmas such as classes using special spiced chocolates, mastering mini choc puddings and lots of cocktail making thrown in too.

I have to say Christmas at My Chocolate sounds amazing and what better time to indulge: with music in the background, some tasters, a beverage or three and a good banter: this is a winner for any gaggle of girls on the town for their hen party in London. The whole thing is about coming away with a little bit of chocolate flavoured knowledge, a big bag of actual, physical chocolate you can eat, and sharing a fun chocolate moment you can truly eat, or rather, remember should I say.

Are you chocolate obsessed? If so, see our full list of destinations where you can enjoy a chocolate making hen party –

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