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Real women reveal their worst “Don’t Tell the Bride” nightmares

Red7 , August 11, 2014

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As car crash wedding reality TV show Don’t tell the Bride returns for another season, we ask real women what they would fear the most if their husbands had complete control of their wedding planning and £12,000 to play with.

The results were surprisingly revealing about which things many brides feel are most important on their wedding day.

1. The biggest Don’t Tell the Bride fear was a themed wedding. Among the most-hated themes were princess, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, anything Katie Price would do and… Star Wars. One woman said that she hated the thought of having to perform a stunt, such as skydiving or the groom arranging a silly dance routine to perform at the reception. It seems modesty is key.

2. A lot of the women said that the worst thing would be if their families couldn’t attend the wedding, for instance if the wedding was abroad, or their husbands forgot to invite important people. Las Vegas was a particularly unpopular choice, with most women feeling that it would be tacky as well as being to far away for guests to travel. “Unless he can afford to fly them over,” suggested one bride-to-be.

3.  Bridal modesty doesn’t extend to the reception venue. Almost all of the women asked said they would hate it if their husbands planned the wedding reception at a local pub, a workers club, a village hall or their own house or garden. Equally, it seems most brides would hate an over-the-top venue which their husbands had picked out with themselves in minds – think football stadiums, casinos, the set of Terminator – you get the idea.

4. The women were also particularly keen to make sure their weddings were anything but ordinary. The classic, white hotel wedding was only acceptable if the reception was brimming with personal touches. One woman said: “We watched one episode of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ where the groom does a winter wonderland theme in summer. It was ridiculous but he did it because she really loved Christmas. Theme weddings are a complete no but it’s better than having a generic wedding with no personality.”

5. Finally, all of the women asked would never let their husbands plan their hen dos. “On the show, the husbands always spend loads of money on flying their mates off to some amazing place for their stag do and send their brides in a limo to their local pub or something just as rubbish.”

If your husband-to-be was given £12,000 to plan your wedding, what do you think he would do?

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