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Powerboating Stag Do in Southampton – Interview with Redseven’s Rob

Red7 , July 29, 2013

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Our very own web developer Rob had his stag do this weekend and we caught up with him to hear what he and the guys got up to;

Where did the stag party take place?

Southampton – in the blistering sunshine!

Tell us about what you got up to when you were there…

We arrived in Southampton at 11 o’clock, a little bleary eyed from the night before’s whisky consumption, to kick off a full day of power boating. We had three boats; two 150bhp honda formula 4-stroke powerboats and a 450 bhp viper. We were never idle, with a good hour each behind the wheel and the rest of the time spent cruising in the back seats. It was amazing, no holds barred, throttle to the full. The instructors let us do what we liked, with the exception of smashing into the few yachts we raced past at break neck speed. We stopped on the Isle of Wight for some larvley pub grub and a couple of pints to top up the tanks. After this, it was back to the boats for some more tomfoolery. We wrapped up the day with a best of three timed lap – this truly was the piece de resistance! There was a good 7 seconds between first and last, the best man coming in first, and me (the groom) less than a second on his tail. It was adrenaline pumping madness, one group member nearly killing the group by ploughing into one of the corner posts, not once, but 3 times! Incredible!

After the boating, we headed to our hotel which was nicely appointed – no complaints there. The staff were really friendly, and ready to accommodate a group of excitable stags descending upon Southampton.

So, after a shit, shower and shave we departed to paint the town red, starting with a bit of beer padding in the form of a slap up Indian buffet. Being a brummy I respect a decent curry. There were no complaints, good food and atmosphere. After the grub we hit the bars, and Southampton catered well to my fussy tastes! Much drinking later we ended up at Southampton’s fabled hobbit pub, which was a great place to finish the night. Really friendly atmosphere (including the bouncers), loads of room (not to say it was empty, at all) and very cheap booze!

What’s the funniest story from the weekend?

Encouraging my highly suggestible mate to go hedge swimming was pretty amusing and at the time I was crying with laughter, but I think you’d have had to have been there…I was prancing around all night in some rather revealing pink leopard skin tights too, which was probably amusing for my mates. That’s as much as I’m willing to divulge.

Did you have any pranks played on you?

Yes, but I still got off lightly! Not content with the luchadore mask (which conveniently went missing) and pink leopard skin tights I was adorned with, my “mates” decided to give me a lethal shot. I thought it was tequila, and quaffed away. Turn’s out it was not in fact tequila but the world’s most lethal chilli vodka. No sooner had this 250,000 scoville monster hit my guts than I was back in the toilet vomiting for dear life. It was brutal, to say the least. I like a bit of chilli, but this naga ghost chilli infused tincture was way, way too much! My nose was throbbing, tears and sweat were streaming down my face, and my organs felt like they were melting. A half pint of milk and ten minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I was back to party. Certainly better than losing the eyebrows and hair…

What is the most memorable part of the weekend for you?

Hard to say. I’ll remember it all (except a few black holes in the drinking session) very fondly. I had a cracking weekend. The highlights, if I had to define some were the timed laps in the powerboats, and stumbling upon the hobbit – which was an awesome place to finish the night. 

Sounds like an epic stag do! If you like the sound of Rob’s stag do, take a look at where  we offer Powerboating –

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