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Hen Ideas

Pancake Day! (aka Shrove Tuesday)

Rob Reaks , March 5, 2019

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As you flip your pancakes, think about your global friends – it’s not just the UK that celebrates Shrove Tuesday.

pancake day


credit @localyolkalcafe instagram

Credit @localyolkalcafe instagram

The Spanish Carnaval starts on Thursday – the week before Ash Wednesday, known as Jueves Lardero or Jovelardero and it is known as the ‘Day of the Omlette’ or Dia de la tortilla. The typical meal is an omlette!


Credit @leoniel82 instagram

‘La Chandeleur’ is celebrated earlier in the year, on the 2nd February. On the actual Tuesday it is called Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, which sees people eating fatty foods before the fasting on Ash Wednesday. The amazing French crepes, which can be sweet or savoury, make our mouths water just looking at them!


Credit @nokinatta Instagram.

The Danish celebrate on the last Sunday before lent, before Shrove Tuesday, with ‘Fastelvan’. They have Danish style buns filled with whipped cream and jam, look amazing!

POLAND (Krakow is great for Stag Dos!)

Sledziowka, is the Polish Pancake Day – although the most popular dish for the day is herring! Doughnuts and ‘faworki’ are also eaten on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday.

PORTUGAL (a GREAT destination for Hen and Stag Dos!)

In Madeira, Portugal, they eat yummy balls of fried dough rolled in sugar, kind of like doughnuts.


Credit @angelika.mysliwiec Instagram

The Scandinavians enjoy versions of semla, or fastelavnsboller – a kind of bun filled with cream and almond paste – on their ‘pancake day’


Credit @momlovesbaking Instagram.

Obviously, the Americans love things like this – and they call Pancake day ‘Fat Tuesday’! The South eat King cake – a braided French brioche sweet bread/pastry, filled with jam, cream or savoury fillings.


Not surprisingly, the people of Oz eat small, buttermilk pancakes topped with jam, cream or butter. They call them pikelets.

Credit @createbakemake Instagram


Ever tired a Sprugos? Well, Lithuanians eat these delicious a deep-fried doughnut-like pastries, which sometimes contain alcohol and raisins. They also have little pancakes called blynai on the day too!

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