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It’s official: Brits Abroad are on their best behaviour

Red7 , July 17, 2014

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Brits abroad are better behaved than ever.

That’s according to new figures from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The  total number of hospitalisation cases handled by FCO staff in 2013/14 fell to its lowest level for five years, particularly in popular holiday destinations such as France, Thailand and Spain.

Cases of rape and sexual assault reported to consular staff have also dropped significantly.

The FCO’s British Behaviour Abroad report 2014 shows the total number of rape cases reported was at its lowest level for a decade, with large falls in Spain and Turkey, and reported sexual assaults were down by almost 12% worldwide.

Drug arrests remain  problematic, with Australia and Spain seeing a combined increase in recorded cases of more than 80%.

British residents are most likely to need assistance in the Philippines, Thailand and Jamaica.

The number of hospitalisation cases recorded in the Philippines has increased by 38% compared to 2012/13.

The FCO consular staff handled 17,517 assistance cases worldwide in 2013/14.

Mark Simonds, minister for consular affairs, said: “With the summer holidays just around the corner, millions of people across the UK will be looking forward to taking a trip abroad. The vast majority will enjoy a trouble-free holiday, but for those who do encounter difficulties our consular staff are there to offer support.

“This year’s report has highlighted some encouraging downwards trends, and this allows our staff to concentrate more on supporting our most vulnerable customers. However, the FCO continues to help thousands of British nationals who get into trouble overseas every year.”

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