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Not a sniff of dating success? Follow your nose to the perfect partner

Red7 , March 31, 2014

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No luck in the dating game?

Perhaps it’s time to try the appliance of science in the quest for long-term love.

A  new dating outfit is using chemistry to help singletons sniff out their true love.

At Pheromone Parties the guests are told to wear the same t-shirt in bed for three nights, then bring it with them to the event. The t-shirt goes is popped inside a numbered bag and if someone is attracted to the scent of that shirt, they are matched with the person behind that number.

Judith Prays, the US-based founder of pheromone parties, started the company four years ago when it dawned on her that online dating rarely led to offline mating.

The parties are modelled on the “sweaty T-shirt study” conducted by Claus Wedekind, a Swiss biological researcher, who, as part of a 1995 study, asked women to smell shirts that had been worn by a group of men for two days. He discovered that the women were most sexually attracted to the whiff of men whose genes were most dissimilar to their own.

When it comes to the smell of romantic success, opposites attract.

Judith Prays said: “The parties are less about the idea that smell is the answer,” says Judith, “and more about asking questions because our dating approaches are clearly not working so well. The parties open up a new way of looking at dating and which pieces of information we consider when making decisions about someone.”

The next UK Pheromone Party takes place on July 15 at Stories, Broadway Market, London, E8 4QZ

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