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New York stag parties for sports lovers

Red7 , August 15, 2013

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Love your sports? Then New York has loads to offer a games loving bunch of stags and totally beats watching your local team on the big screen down the pub.

We all know the Big Apple is many things, from bright lights on Broadway, to all night diners,  but it’s also a hub of American sports: from the Yankees; to the Giants; to the Nicks, no one loves the game more than New Yorkers. Which is why, it would be daft to travel all the way across the Atlantic to celebrate your stag party in New York and not catch at least one game, to see how the Americans do it. So, here’s a look at  some of New York ‘s finest;

American Football

A game that is sort of similar to rugby but not really. For one, the players  wear massive armament in the form of a helmet, shoulder pads and a jockstrap and they still manage to run up the field in seconds, which is pretty impressive. And is probably why the locals love it. In particular, if you want to experience a game with the home crowd then heading over to  the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey to see the Giants is the plan for you. You’ll also get to go home with a pretty cool looking football shirt as a souvenir.


But If you’d rather be court side watching the hoops then heading Madison Square Garden to catch the Knicks play a game is the one place to be.  It’s also the place to see famous New Yorkers support their team. One of the best  things about this option is that you’ll be located in the centre of town so you can head out after the game to grab a slice of pizza and check out the bars and clubs for a night out on the stag do.


You may not know much about the game but you’ve sure seen it in the films enough times to know it’s something worth shouting about, and in New York, all you have to do is head down to the Yankee stadium for a game to see the crowds go wild, while you’re chowing down on a hot dog and a beer with the boys. But if you’re less of a spectator and more or doer, then heading down to Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex to test out the batting cages with your stags is the experience you’re looking for. Plus, the cages are located on a pier that overlooks the Hudson River, which is pretty cool.

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