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Need to solve a wedding day crisis? There’s an app for that

Red7 , March 12, 2014

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A new app is set to take the drama out of a wedding day crisis.

Gopha  lets people sign up to help with anything from finding the perfect venue to rescuing lost rings.

 The app is the brainchild of marketing supremo Bryn Plumb.

Now he has opened an Indiegogo page to find funding to help develop it further.

He said the free app will make ‘nuisances a thing of the past’.

Users can list ‘gigs’, such as delivering flowers, picking up hire suits or delivering teh all-imporant speech to the bride’s father, and the systems ‘Gophas’ get to pick and choose which tasks they execute through an ingenuous geo-locating system.

The clever app categorises the ‘gigs’ under nine sub-categories including  ‘catering’, ‘handyman’ and ‘courier’. There’s also a miscellaneous section in case the user’s gig is out of the ordinary.

 Within minutes you could use Gopha to:

• Deliver flowers to the bride’s mother

• Get the photographer to the wedding venue

• DJ at the reception party

• Find a last-minute champagne supplier

Bryn Plumb said:”Gopha will be perfect for the best man on the big day. There’s so many elements to organising a wedding, I should know – and I wish Gopha had been around when I tied the knot! From last minute table presents for the wedding to arranging a DJ for a stag do, the app will be on hand to help with any last minute oversights. Best man left the rings at home with no time to go back for them? Easy, Gopha it.”

“The idea of Gopha came to me when I was in the pub but it was really cold. I just wanted someone to bring me my coat! Then the penny dropped and I started discussing my brainwave with my business partner,  and software engineer friend. The idea of being able to post a ‘gig’ any time, any where, for pretty much anything, is awesome – we can all need some expertise at times, and this is where Gopha comes in.”

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