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Hen Ideas

Mother hens are joining the party

Red7 , August 11, 2015

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We often spot changes in hen do trends here at Red7, whether it’s the new hotspot everyone’s heading to, or the rising age of hens as couples get married later than they used to. One thing we’ve noticed recently is that more and more hens are bringing their mother and/or mother-in-law along for the ride.

One of our recent studies saw that brides-to-be are wanting to share their special celebration with not only their closest girlfriends, but their mums and future mother-in-laws as well. 52% of brides-to-be are having their mums join them and 24% are bringing their groom’s mum along too.

What is interesting, is the impact that mums coming along to the do is having. Our study found that hen dos with parents tend to be much tamer, with 29% saying there was less drinking and 19% saying there were fewer games of a sexual nature. It also found that 29% of hen dos with mums had earlier activities and 21% said that rather than evening activities there were daytime activities.

With this in mind, it’s important to note that hen dos aren’t all about heavy drinking and games that let out the hen’s secrets. At Red7 we have tons of different activities that don’t revolve around drinking or games of a naughty nature. For more adventurous hens there are high ropes courses and go karting, for hens who love performing there are salsa dancing classes or the opportunity to record a pop song, and for those hens who are stressed about the wedding and looking for a weekend of relaxation there’s spa days and perfume making classes.

With plenty of exciting daytime activities to choose from, there isn’t always the need for a hen do to spread across the evening and into the early hours of the following morning. If the hen does want to party all night and mums are joining in the fun, then cocktail making classes can be a great compromise. These are so much fun, will get the bride-to-be and her hens tipsy and can happen at any point in the day. This means that the mums can go home after the class and the rest of the hens can continue the party!

Having mums along to hen dos is lots of fun and it offers the bride the chance to share another big part of her wedding with her mum. Rather than seeing mums as a hindrance, think of how much fun it will be – and we’re sure they’ll have plenty of stories to embarrass the bride from when she was younger!

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