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Man Races Horses on Stag Do

Red7 , August 20, 2012

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A blonde wigged, inebriated stag, jumped onto a race course in Otaki, New Zealand over the weekend to race the horses as part of a very outlandish stag party prank.

Although the man in question was originally dared to run along the outside of the fence, he decided to jump over and run on the track. He lasted about 30 seconds before falling over flat on his face! Luckily the stag came away unharmed but racecourse inspector Bob Bevege said;

“He was inebriated to say the least, but he was a lucky boy. The horses were running wide because of a heavy track, and if one had shied it could have been nasty.”

The stag was escorted from the track and given a trespass notice whilst the rest of the stags apparently took responsibility for the prank too…one of the horses which beat him was aptly called “Share the Blame.”

Stag do pranks are essential however, they’re not much fun when one of the group either ends up trampled on by a horse or injured some other way, nor is it a good prank if there’s a chance of being arrested! Jockey put it right when he said;

“…I yelled that he was a bloody idiot as I went past, but by then he was lying on his face on the ground.”

Stag pranks ettiquette aside, if you fancy a day at the races, minus the risking your life to race the horses bit, then go for a Liverpool stag party where the Aintree racecourse is. The Grand National is held every year here, one of the most famous races in the world. Even if you’re not hugely into horse racing, it makes for a really entertaining day out as the atmosphere is buzzing, you can have a few drinks, plus, you could be in with a chance of winning some good cash for your night out.

Just leave the race to the jockeys and horses!

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