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Kilty Pleasures – Where Is The Best Place For A Stag Weekend In Scotland?

Red7 , October 9, 2013

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Stags in Scotland aren’t that hard to find. In fact, they’re kind of famous for them. They’re also famous for whisky, kilts and bagpipes. As a result, everyone in Scotland has a stag in their garden, wears a kilt, plays the bagpipes and drinks whisky like it’s water. It’s true, the TV (Monarch of the Glen) told me so. Them’s just the rules boy, and if you’re going to fit in with the locals on your Scottish stag do, you’d better gather your clansmen and organise some good old fashioned rutting debauchery. Or else.

But where to go for the grooms last highland fling before wedded bliss? Naturally the top choices are Glasgow and Edinburgh: Both cities have a cosmopolitan appeal with everything from hotels, bars, clubs, lapdancers and paintballs to offer, however, in general terms Edinburgh is seen as a city steeped in historical charm, culture and prestige, while Glasgow is much bigger, a bit more modern and has a more diverse nightlife.

To break it down a little more, the advantage of Edinburgh is that it’s a beautiful city and compact enough to stumble from one pub to the next, while trendy Glasgow has the advantage of being a bigger city with a few more clubs and such. The choice is yours, although if you just can’t choose then why not do a tour both as they’re less than an hour apart.


So that’s the location’s sorted (kind of) but what’s there to do you say? To which I reply ‘Whisky!’ Lads, it would be a crime against braveheart if you travelled all the way to Scotland’s glorious cities and didn’t have a brush with some of the best scotch around. So either take yourselves around the best pubs in town and start sampling the golden nectar or better still talk to Redseven and we can arrange a excellent whisky distillery tour activity for your party so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


Additionally, if you want something a bit more wholesome to compliment the boozy events of whisky tasting, pub crawling and generally getting pissed then there are a whole raft of local activities including go karting, clay pigeon shooting, quads and rapids to choose from although, to really get away from it all and relax we recommend a turn around the golf course so you can flex your muscles and check out the great outdoors.

Lastly, Scotland’s vibrant cities offer up a pretty healthy slice of nightlife with a copious amount of clubs and bars bubbling over with beauties, booze and tunes until the wee hours and we can arrange for priority entry to the best clubs in town so you even if you’re not in the know, we are. And when you eventually finish off the day by falling out of the club, you can to the chippy for a wee deep fried Mars bar. What’s not to love.


Key Dates –

If you want something particularly special then make sure to book ahead for Edinburgh’s famous new years Hootenanny or next year’s Fringe Festival. Additionally, if the grooms sports mad, grab some tickets for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next summer.

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