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Five ways to cut the wedding guest costs

Red7 , June 10, 2014

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Wedding season can get pretty costly for all involved.

According to the average wedding in the UK will cost a guest £470. The cost of buying a wedding guest, travelling to and from a wedding, hotels and outfits all add up and as wedding season kicks off for the summer many of us have more than one of these potentially expensive ‘I dos’ on the horizon.

Here’s some valuable advice on how to manage the cost of attending all those weddings this season without skimping on style or looking like a cheapskate.

1. Save up for wedding season.

Tot up the number of weddings you’re invited to and set a budget for each one in advance. You then know how much you’ll need to put aside each week to comfortably afford to RSVP to this season.

2. Avoid the perils of the wedding guest list

No wedding guest wants to look ungenerous when it comes to navigating the wedding guest list, but remember that most couples really do just favour presence over presents on the their big day. Weddings are expensive for everyone involved, so many couples are now choosing to ask for monetary donations instead of wedding presents, and will be grateful for any small amount of money to make sure they don’t start off marital life with money woes. Decode on a budget for your wedding gift, save as you would for any other part of attending the wedding, and stick to it.

3. Help out in another way

If the cheapest item on the wedding gift list is still beyond your budget, sometimes a more practical present will be more appreciated. If you’re in possession of any unique skills or useful possessions that could be utilised by the bride and groom on their big day such as photography, catering or a spare room for other guests not far from the reception venue, these little things will often be worthy of far more thanks.

4. Wedding guest accommodation

There are several ways to reduce the cost of accommodation for wedding guests who don’t live close enough to the venue to travel home. Firstly, it is worth planning ahead and booking your wedding hotel room either months in advance or taking a risk and booking just a few days before t take advantage of any last minute offers. But be aware that most of the hotel rooms in the area may already be taken by other wedding guests so you may have to stay slightly further afield, or risk being left without a room. A great way for wedding guests to share the cost of accommodation is to use a website like airbnb and renting an apartment for a small group of wedding guests.

5. Wedding guest travel

You can save heaps on the cost of travelling to a wedding by booking well in advance of the big day on train or coach travel. However, with the cost of train and coach travel rising in the UK it can often be cheaper to book even further in advance for a UK wedding and fly. Wedding guests can also save on travel by car sharing to the event.

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