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Jilted By Prince William

Red7 , November 25, 2010

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What young girl doesn’t want to be a princess? From the minute we are old enough to understand, we are told fairy stories about beautiful kind hearted young girls, who are chosen by equally beautiful young princes’ who  are inevitably ready to lay down their life for them. They become a princess and live happily ever after. We are bought dolls with tiaras and long full gowns and given pink fluffy ‘princess’ dresses that we are allowed to put on only if we are good. It is for many a young girl the ultimate day dream.

I could have been Prince Williams Princess!

It is no surprise that as a hangover effect of this, when a young prince was suddenly pushed into the limelight, that I saw my opportunity. Two years older than me, good looking, shy and well spoken, surely if he could just meet me. I could be the perfect princess that I used to spend so many hours pretending to be.

I told my Mum my plan, and asked her advice about how I could meet the prince. Her response was to not be so silly, he would not meet a mere commoner like me, and even if he did, we would not be allowed to marry as I do not come from the right background. I did not let this deter me, I would prover her wrong. Had she not read Cinderella? I had to take action. I know it was unlikely that Prince William was going to cross my path so I had to go out and get him.

I had seen him on the telly, surrounded by body guards, I knew I only really had one option, and that was to write him a letter. I didn’t really know what to put, but I knew I had to tell him I loved him and that if we met I know he would love me to.

I snuck into my Mums room and stole a stamp from the tin she kept her useful things in, I carefully wrote on the envelope Prince William, St James Palace (I had heard this is where he really lived), slipped in my letter and a small photo of me, and I waited in anticipation…

I remember the day a thick lined envelope came through my door with my name and a address clearly printed, it was hand written and had a small stamp at the top indicating it had come from the palace. I ran to my room and slowly opened the envelope, inside there was a typed letter, it was thanking me for taking the time to write to the prince, and apologising that he could not write a personal reply, but he gets many letters and does not have the time. The letter assured me that saying that he does take the time to read all letters that are addressed to him personally.

So I did not get a personal response, but that did not mean that I would not, if he reads all his letters, he would read mine and write his own response, I just knew it.

I never got the letter that I had hoped for and as the months passed I stopped waiting for one and decided I would just have to rely on fate, which would surely one day bring us together.

When the photo’s of Kate and Wills skiing together were printed in the paper 8 years on, I looked back at my once crush and it dawned on me that maybe my Mum was right, I was hoping for something and someone that was completely out of my reach. The wobble in their relationship ignited my hope again, but I was old enough to know now that the chances of us meeting and falling in love were too slim, and that it would never be.

When it was announced that the two were getting married, I was happy for the both of them, the interview they gave was touching and it was clear to see how much they are in love, I had to admit that she would make a beautiful princess, and I am sure they will live happy ever after. It does not mean though that Prince William, will always have a tiny piece of my heart.

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