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It’s time to ditch Miley Cyrus – and other unhealthy habits

Red7 , February 26, 2014

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Like New Year, Lent is a time for our minds to write cheques that the body is unwilling to cash.

The 40-day-and-night orgy of abstinence kicks off next  Wednesday when many people will give up  sweet things before the Easter egg onslaught, or use Lent as an excuse to diet. Others enforce a technology ban in a bid to fix their social media habit or vow to go undertake random acts of kindness.

If, like us, you’re still battling with the demons of failed New Year’s resolutions and aren’t quite ready to pledge yourself to the morning juices and yoga again, you might want to try suggestions that don’t require a strict regime of self punishment, but are sure to benefit yourself and others around you – at least until 20 April , when you can abandon all pretence of discipline and dive into a pool of chocolate.

1. Stop talking about Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and other celebrities whose misfortune and bad decisions are plastered over the web – and give up Internet-bitching.

2. Try replacing ready-meals with home-cooked creations for  until Easter. Trust us, you’ll feel instantly more healthy and fulfilled, and are guaranteed to learn some mean cooking skills.

3. Give your wardrobe a spring clean and either take your unwanted clothes to a charity shop or sell them online. Your room will look less cluttered and you’ll have room to start shopping the new spring/summer collections.

4. Break up your daily routine and find a new way to travel to work, whether it be cycling, taking a new bus route or even walking a different way. Variety is the spice of life, and all that.

5. Discover your local area during Lent. Promise that you’ll visit a new restaurant, join a local running club, go to a local pub quiz and take full advantage of all the new experiences on offer. You’ll make new friends and have something other than Miley Cyrus’s new grillz to talk about (we’ll be finding that one difficult, too).

6. Take time out for your family. When was the last time you had your mum over for a roast or took your brother to the pub? Our family is often on the bottom of our social ‘to-do’ list and Lent is a perfect time to make a pious promise to spend more time with them.

7. Get musical for Lent. How many acts up for nomination can you confidently say you knew from the Best British Breakthrough Act at the Brit Awards? When was the last time you went to a live music gig? It’s time to update your playlist.

8. Stop watching cat videos. They’re turning us all into an overly-emotional, fur and whiskers dependent mess. Think Attenborough, not Grumpy Cat. (But seriously, you need to watch Grumpy Cat).

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