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It’s Best Friends Day – Say Thanks to your Maid of Honour

Red7 , June 8, 2015

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As a bride, there are two best friends who play a big part in your wedding day. You walk down the aisle to the best friend you’re going to marry and you pass your flowers to the best friend who follows you down.

At Red7, we know all about how hard chief bridesmaids work to make sure everything is perfect for their bride. This is why we’ve put together a list of everything to thank them for once the big day is over.

For being excited.

Your wedding is your world right up until the big day and she made it her world too. Long after others got tired of discussing table plans, she was by your side. After all, she’s so close to you, therefore she knows who will work well together and who needs keeping apart!

For being patient.

When you had Bridezilla-style meltdowns at 3am, she was on the other end of the phone calming you down. She reassured you that the table-centres are not a life or death situation and even if they’re not perfect, nobody else will know any different.

For being helpful.

When your budget was running low (as the hidden costs of weddings really do add up) she was there to trawl through YouTube tutorials on how to make professional looking wedding stationary on the cheap. Then she sat with you for several hours while you both made your own place-cards.

For planning your hen party.

She successfully rounded up your hens and made sure everyone had paid up on time. Your best friend also made sure that you had an incredible final night of freedom without needing to worry.

For not being a diva.

She wore a dress that you picked and even though it might not have been quite her style, she had a smile on her face all day – she would have worn a bin bag if you’d told her to!

For starting the dancing.

When the DJ summoned your family and friends to join you on the dance floor after your first dance, she was the first up, dragging the best man with her.

For being your best woman.

She spent your wedding day helping you get to the loo, carrying your make up and arranging your dress. She made sure everything ran smoothly and when things didn’t go quite to plan she made sure you were distracted and always had a glass of champagne in hand.

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