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Ideas For Hen Party Games

Red7 , July 5, 2012

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Hen party games are essential when it comes to making a hen party fun and memorable. They not only break the ice between the group, some whom may not know each other, they also provide a lot of laughs and are a way of bringing special attention to the bride-to-be.

Thinking up games can be difficult though,  especially when the focus is on organising the main elements of the weekend like where you’re going and what activities you’re going to be doing (of course, we do the rest of the hard work for you like inviting friends, collecting money etc.!). However, you need worry not, we’ve got loads of ideas to get your started whether you’re staying in or going out on the town, plus, they’re all easy to organise as well as expense free!

Mr & Mrs Game 

This is possibly the most well known hen party game however, there are many different ways in which you can add your own personal touch. The basic premise of the game involves asking the groom-to-be questions about the bride-to-be before the hen party. Then during the game, the bride-to-be must answer the questions and see if they correlate with what her groom-to-be answered. One way to make this game unique is to record the groom answering the questions and play it back during the game. This way, you capture his facial expressions (confused!), pauses and potential silly answers live on camera! Whichever way you do it, be creative with your questions and limit them to a maximum of 15 otherwise it can get boring for everyone else.

Bride-to-be Quiz

This game is great fun as it involves questions about the bride-to-be which, you can either be put together by the bridesmaids or one question from each hen could be prepared before the weekend. The bride-to-be can still join in as it’s likely she’ll have forgotten or not know some of the answers. For example, if the question was asked “what is her most embarrassing moment?” it’s likely she may remember very differently!

Stories and Memories

This is a more sentimental game. Each hen tells a story or a memory of their time with the bride and then reads it out at the hen party. It’s a great way of triggering good memories and making the bride-to-be feel special. To make it into more of a game, mix up the stories and then guess who’s story came from who.

Truth or Dare

The old age classic; ask a series of questions, some risqué and some more clean. If a hen is not prepared to answer it they have to carry out a dare! Obviously go easy on these; it’s not that fun if you ask too personal questions and it’s not about completely about embarrassing each other! For example, if you’re on a hen party in London in a bar and the dare involves a stranger, be careful not to make it too intrusive on the stranger or to put too much pressure on the hen. If they’re really not game, give them another dare!

Never Have I Ever

This is another classic and great when done as a drinking game. The game begins with the organiser of the hen do saying something they’ve never done and then any hen that has done the act must drink. For example, they might say “Never have I ever woken up in a strangers bed,” this will likely break the ice between the group and reveal some funny stories!

So there you have it! There’s loads of games out there from sentimental to darn right funny and including just a few into the weekend will add entertainment and memories.

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