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Hen’s Unveiled: Lisa’s Brighton Hen Weekend

Red7 , December 22, 2011

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Brighton is very close to our hearts, it’s where our head office is based and where a lot of us Redseven peeps are born and bred, so we especially love hearing from our hens and stags that come to Brighton!

Brighton is not only one of our favourite destinations because it’s close to our hearts but because it has every ingredient needed for a unique, exciting and memorable stag or hen weekend. In the summer, Brighton’s beach comes alive with people sunbathing, playing volleyball, drinking in the sun, swimming in the sea all to the sounds of live music from bands playing on the beach front. Then there’s the Brighton lanes lined with boutique shops and café’s serving delicious food. At night, there’s something for everyone with bands performing live gigs, cocktail bars serving up monster mojito’s and nightclubs with top DJ’s playing tunes till the early hours.

Chief Bridesmaid Jessica Holmes has been kind enough to tell us all about her friend Lisa’s hen weekend in Brighton, what they got up to and why they had such a fantastic time…


What did you get up to?

Through Redseven, we organised a weekend of fun in Brighton for my friend’s hen party. A big group of us came down on the train and went straight to a cocktail making class where we were shown how to make all different kinds of cocktails, although we didn’t need any help drinking them! The staff were all friendly and we had a glass of bubbly and a shot waiting for us when we arrived. At the finale, the bartender did a brilliant trick where the hen had to set off a domino-effect set up of shots.  After the cocktail making we had food arranged for us, which was really tasty and soaked up the alcohol!

We we were all very impressed as the accommodation was fantastic with spa facilities with a lovely warm pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

The evening entertainment was a 2-hour karaoke session- we all had such a great time that we wanted to stay longer! In general, we found everyone to be really friendly in Brighton and the fish and chip shops along the seafront are a definite must!

What was the funniest story from the weekend?

I think that one of the funniest moments was when we were making the cocktails and the barman was showing us how to mix the drinks.  You have to hold the cocktail mixer over your head to show that the glass is secured tightly and we were all really scared of doing it just in case it spilled out all over us…the barman was giving us a lot of banter and when two of the last girls got up to hold the cocktail shaker up, instead of putting it over their own heads they did it over the barman’s instead and his face was a picture when the tables were turned!


Did you play any hen party games focusing on the bride-to-be?

Prior to the hen weekend I spoke with the Groom-to-be and asked him a load of questions about himself, our hen and their relationship so that we could play our own version of the Mr and Mrs Game. We played it on the way home the next day to pass the boring train journey and it was really funny and a nice end to the weekend.  The best part was when the hen kept getting the questions wrong and telling us far too much information than we needed to know…I won’t go into details..!

I also put together goody bags for all the girls, which had things like sashes for everyone to wear, shot glasses, a mini bottle of wine, sweets, whistles and bubbles, painkillers for the morning after, glow sticks and some dare scratch cards, which we did in the hotel before we went out and had to do things like “Pinch a strangers bum.”  The bride to be had a veil and L plates and a flashing badge to set her apart from the others and we had a water gun filled with the hen’s favourite drink.  I definitely think it’s worth doing extra things like that as it made the weekend a bit more special.

What is the most memorable part of the weekend?

The karaoke was another really great focus of the weekend and at the very end for the last song we put on Bruno Mars “Marry You” which was very fitting for the reason that we were all there.  The bride was having a great time and the environment is so relaxed it ended up with us all dancing in the booth and it didn’t really matter who had the mic as all you could hear was all of us belting out the song anyway!


What was the best part about booking with Redseven?

I think it was just the way they made everything really easy – when I booked I shopped around a bit and Redseven stood out for me as a company – the rep on the phone was really helpful and allocated specifically to the group so you only had to deal with one person which is so much easier than having to speak to various different people and explain the same thing over and over again. All I had to do, once we had created the trip, was log on to a home screen via the Redseven website and it created a mini-website just for our hen party, where I could organise everything from there.  I just put in everyone’s email and phone number and automatic emails were sent out to everyone about payment – you even had the option to pay in instalments if you couldn’t afford the whole holiday in one go!  I think the price was really reasonable when you look at how much we got from it – including all the shots and drinks, which then when you are actually out, means you end up spending less actual cash on things like drinks and bar entry. All in all, the most important thing for me was that the bride-to-be, and everyone else, had a really good time.  There was plenty to do and it was so stress-free that I enjoyed myself just as much as everyone else without having to worry about organising money or paperwork.

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