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Hen’s Unveiled: Jenny’s Essex Hen Party

Red7 , June 25, 2012

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Today is a very special day for the blog…OK, maybe it’s just a special day for me and my beautiful bride-to-be friend!

The usual format you see, is that I provide you lovely blog readers with what’s been going on in the world, some top stag or hen do destinations or the latest scandal on celebrity stag or hen do’s which crop up in the news. Today however, I write about my friend Jenny’s hen party and what a fabulous hen party it was!

After months of organising along with my fellow bridesmaids, we were set for an Essex hen party. Jenny’s favourite TV programme is The Only Way is Essex so we thought we’d organise our very own take and surprise her with The Only Way is…Jenny!

Where did you go and what did you get up to?

In the heart of the Essex countryside, in a pretty little village called Dedhem just outside Colchester, we stayed in a rented house. Despite being slightly stuck in the 80s (one of the en-suite bathrooms had a pink carpeted bathroom with two carpeted steps leading up to a jacuzzi style avocado coloured bathtub…need I say more?!), the location and garden were beautiful, and the huge living room space with all of the bedrooms leading off from it made it perfect for a hen party.

On the Friday evening we had a BBQ and played a few games including dirty charades which was hilarious and some of which is probably not to be repeated here!

We organised an Essex style sports day for the Saturday, i.e. velour tracksuits, inappropriately short shorts and too much make-up! As an extra to sports day games like the egg and spoon race and the wheelbarrow race (which we realised should only be partaken when you are actually still at school; there were a few sprained bodies after that!), we also hired an inflatable bungee run and inflatable giant twister; absolutely brilliant fun!

That night, we had a buffet dinner and party with games and a very special surprise guest!

Did you play any games focusing on the hen?

We organised two hen party games. The first one was a quiz with questions all centred around Jenny, for example, who did she say she wanted to marry when she was at school and what were the names of her ex boyfriends. Despite Jenny being part of the game too…her team came third!

We also played the Mr & Mrs Game. Before the hen party, I filmed the groom answering the questions so we could play them back after Jenny had answered the question first. We also previously asked all the girls to buy a “memory present” for Jenny so if Jenny got a question right, she’d get to open a present. Of course in the end she got all the presents but it added an extra special touch to the game.

What is the funniest story from the weekend?

The surprise guest was a Butler in the Buff and turned out to be one of the funniest and most entertaining parts of the weekend. Myself and the bridesmaids kept him as a surprise guest to the bride-to-be and the rest of the girls. They had no idea until he walked in with a Mark Wright mask on…I think some of the girls actually thought we’d hired Mr Wright for the night!

Although previously Jenny had strictly requested no strippers, after about 5 minutes of the Butler being there she said “This guy must be very hot, who votes he takes his trousers off?” Of course, pretty much every hand in the room went up and off his trousers came! So safe to say…he was a success!

What advice would you give to those currently organising a hen party?

Start organising early and check with the hen at the start whether she wants a surprise or to be involved in the planning. If she does want it to be a surprise, make sure you at least find out what she definitely does or doesn’t want to do!


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