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Hen Party Do’s and Don’ts

Red7 , August 13, 2012

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You’ve been given the honour of organising the hen party. An honour filled with a large quantity of pressure and challenges which in turn, can lead to simple mistakes!

Don’t stress though, take a look at our tips and you’ll be on the right track;

Do plan early

It might feel like it’s very far away but time will fly. You don’t want to leave it to the last minute and end up on a Bristol hen party if the bride-to-be wanted a beach break!

Do Talk to the bride-to-be about what she wants

After all, it is her day so everything should be centred around her interests. If she wants the hen party to be a surprise then make sure you at least find out from her what she definitely doesn’t want. It’s no fun organising and paying for a stripper, only to upset the bride-to-be and spoil an otherwise good evening.

Do organise a game or two

A naughty game or two makes any decent hen party so make sure you plan one in! Check out our Ideas For Hen Party Games

Do plan in a daytime activity

This will keep you and the girls away from the daytime boozing meaning you can enjoy the evening, plus, you’ll have a much more memorable hen party with the memories and laughs an activity brings

Don’t try to organise it on your own

There’s no point stressing trying to do everything without any help. Either assign a few jobs to the bridesmaids or even better, get experts like us to organise everything for you!

Don’t embarrass the bride-to-be

Whether it’s via a hen party game or what you think is a light hearted prank, make sure you don’t do anything which will embarrass the bride-to-be; there’s other ways of paying her attention on her special day!

Don’t forget to think of everyone

You need to think about how much what you’re planning will cost other members of the group; some may not be as flush as others. Also, if there’s older people coming such as the bride-to-be’s mother, think about whether they’re going to enjoy at least some of it.

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