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Grand Theft Auto V – Stag Weekends fit for Los Santos’ Underbelly

Red7 , September 18, 2013

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The wait is over gentlemen. The game that lets grown men jump up and down, rage the streets in stolen cars, pick up women, pull off stunning stunts and deal in double-crossing heists, is back for it’s fifth reincarnation.

Of course, the big pull for Grand Theft Auto is that you get to do what you want, when you want, because the world or rather, the state of San Andreas, is your open world oyster. But whose boots are you about to step into? And what kind of stag weekend would these characters go for?  Stags, rev up your engines and prepare to complete your mission, Grand Theft Auto V style.

Franklin Clinton

Let’s begin with Franklin. He’s a former ghetto gangster, gang banger, dope dealer but has since moved up in the world and become a car repo man for the Armenia overlord Simeon Yartian – so he’s often seen around town in sports cars. His special skill is improved driving skills, which is something that would come in handy for driving activities on a stag weekend, such as 4×4 driving, go karting or quad biking. However, the real challenge for Franklin and stags alike, is to turn your hand to blind driving held in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol and Nottingham.

Michael De Santa

Next up is Michael. He’s a mansion dwelling family man, with a taste for the high life and a thrill for chaos. He’s also the oldest of the bunch and has one hell of a back history to go along side his rap sheet. However, when you’ve got a special ability called ‘bullet time’, where you can slow down time and plant your shot just so, it’s hard not to pick up a gun. In the real world it’s not quite so easy to replicate his skills on a stag do. You’ve got your usual stag activities like paintball, clay pigeon shooting or even archery. But to really fulfil your quest for Grand Theft Auto style glory, you’ll need real balls out, gun in hand, shooting in Eastern Europe. We recommend a weekend in Riga in Latvia, where you can test your skills with a glock and a kalashnikov. Although, in the real world there won’t be an auto aim to help you out, so you’ll have to give it a few goes before you turn up at the first heist rendezvous point.


Finally, Trevor. He’s an ex army man and hardened criminal with a flare for heists and a tattoo of the angel of death. His military background means he can co-ordinate and plan a mission without screwing it up. So, if he was to organise a stag weekend he’d probably arrange for his paranoid best mate to be kidnapped just to mess with his head. However, if you don’t have Trevor’s skill set, we at Redseven can do the organising for you and arrange for the stag to be ‘kidnapped’ in Madrid or Tallinn. Maybe it’s not a basement in San Andreas state or Los Santos city but it’s still bad ass.

If you want the ultimate stag do package, then check out our Grand Stag Auto weekend in Riga –

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