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Flights of fancy – how we will spread our wings in the future

Red7 , March 20, 2014

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First, there was the automated robot taxi,  Johnny Cab, in Total Recall. Then there was the Back to the Future hoverboard. Next came the Star Trek Transporter, able to whisk you from place to place in seconds with a flurry of scrambled atoms. By the time the invisible car revealed itself (ahem) in Die Another Day, we were well and truly excited about the future of transportation.

How long before we could float above the rush hour traffic in our own hover car? Or cross continents in a matter of minutes? Sadly, after supersonic passenger airliner Concorde called it a day in 2003, our dreams of futuristic travelling started to seem a little out of reach.

But there may be a glimmer of hope on the travel horizon.

Boston aerospace firm, Spike Aerosspace, has unveiled plans for a revolutionary new supersonic private jet, set to take to our skies in 2018. The US$80 million plane will possess one key state-of-the-art feature: it will be completely windowless, and  will feature wall-to-wall high definition flat screens showing ambient images of the sky to passengers, much like the aerodynamic version of soothing in-flight whale song.


While we’re all imagining our dream planes of the future (we know you are), we’d like to suggest how we’d make long haul flights more enjoyable for travel-weary passengers.

Lounge bar/restaurant – Imagine being able to leave your seats during a long haul flight, escape the screaming child in the row behind and head to the back of the plane to relax in a luxury cocktail lounge. Instead of being served trays of dull airline food, order a la carte.

In flight spa – We think all passengers should have the luxury of in flight facials, mani-pedis and even a new hairdo. What better way to waste a few hours of your journey?

Musical chairs – Not happy with the outcome of the aeroplane seat lottery? We propose introducing mandatory seat swaps.

Flight simulators – Need to keep the kids entertained on a long flight? Imagine having an arcade style flight games console so they can sit and happily fly the plane through the clouds like a real pilot.

Treadmill/gym – We think that these new high definition screens could be put to good use with moving scenery and a treadmill for a glorious in-flight woodland stroll.

Creche – Ditch the kids and head straight to the in-flight lounge.


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