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Fifty Shades of Grey trailer: A blow-by-blow reaction

Red7 , August 4, 2014

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The Fifty Shades of Grey film trailer has made the internet explode over the past few days. It’s been criticised for being too rude, not rude enough, has cause a huge rise in sex toy searches online since it’s release and has become the most watched film trailer ever in it’s first week with over one hundred  million views. Here’s our second by second reaction as we watched the Fifty Shades trailer for the first time.

00:00 minutes –  I wonder if the Fifty Shades of Grey film will be anything like the book. You know, filthy yet poorly written.

00:01 minutes –  Woohoo, it’s starting. I hope no one is looking at my laptop screen right now.

00:002 minutes – I wonder if there’ll be any actual sex in the trailer or just hinting. So excited.

00:02 minutes – Eep.

00:08 minutes – Any second now.

00:15 minutes‘Mr Grey will see you now.‘ THIS IS IT.

00:20 minutes – There’s his office. There’s the back of his head… She looks suitably timid.

00:25 minutes – His suit is indeed grey.

00:30 minutes – There he is, in blurred focus. Very mysterious.

00:35 minutes – There’s his hand. Ooh, she said he’s intimidating.

00:38 minutes – There’s the back of his head again. Oh come on. ‘Look at me.

00:48 minutes‘I am.’ There’s he is! Oh… I thought Mr Grey would be older, and more handsome. What has he been in?

00:51 minutes – She’s getting back in the lift. Was that it? Where were the sparks?

00:55 minutes – Dramatic music, it must be coming. What has he been in though?

01:06 minutes – Oh my God they’re kissing in the lift!

01:12 minutes – They’re in a helicopter – so extravagant. I don’t think he’s famous.

01:15 minutes – He’s looking sadly into her eyes.

01:20 minutes – Now he’s playing a piano at night. Such a tortured soul.

01:29 minutes – ‘I don’t do romance.’ But that helicopter ride and that thing you did in the lift was pretty good and look, you’re stroking her thigh under the dinner table.

00:35 minutes – Wait! Was that a blindfold?!

00:38 minutes – A private aeroplane, huh? This doesn’t seem so bad.

01:50 minutes – What’s behind that locked door?

01:52 minutes – Oh my God what is he doing! Put her down! Handcuffs? A riding crop? I think I’ve seen enough.

02:06 minutes – Oh, it’s over. I hope there’s more sex in the actual film.

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