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Driving abroad on your hen or stag: What you need to know

Red7 , June 23, 2015

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We’re all for a classic hen or stag do here at Red7, where the big night out reigns supreme, along with plenty of laughs and quality time with your best friends.

But if you want to see more of the sights, there are plenty of overseas destinations to try. Hire a car for a few days so you can come and go and don’t just have to stick to the town or city centre – whether stocking up on cocktail ingredients or spending a day on the beach.

Here’s what you need to know and do before you pick a hire company and hit the road:

  • The paper part of British driving licences is now computerised so you don’t need to take it with you. But, you will need to show the car hire company a unique code in order to provide details of any convictions for driving offences. You’ll need to get this from the DVLA website less than 72 hours before you collect your car. If you don’t have internet access, the code can be provided over the phone by calling the DVLA
  • Book your car as soon as possible, and shop around using sites like and to get the best deal. The less you spend on car hire, the more you have to spend on having fun!
  • Check your car hire company’s fuel policy. A full-to-empty policy will get you plenty of miles if you’re doing a lot of driving, but it’s unlikely the company will refund any fuel you don’t use. If you’re doing minimal driving, on a small island for example, a full-to-full policy is better, so you can simply replace what you’ve used
  • Check car insurance laws in the country you are visiting, either with your rental car company or on your embassy website
  • Check local driving rules, as some countries require you to have extra kit, like a spare set of lightbulbs or even a breathalyser, at all times
  • If you have an accident, do the same as you would at home – contact your insurer, take photos of any damage to your vehicle and contact the local police

Fancy hitting the road on your hen or stag? We’d recommend seeing the sights by car in Marbella, Ibiza, Albufeira and Benalmadena – but you can’t go wrong with loads of destination on the Costa del Sol.

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