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Double Bubble: Why Michelle Keegan’s 2 hen dos are a good idea!

Red7 , July 23, 2014

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Actress Michelle Keegan, who is set to marry TOWIE star and TV presenter Mark Wright next year, revealed this month that she will be having two hen parties. The celebrity bride to be told Heat Radio that ‘[the hens] would definitely do abroad and probably a girlie spa weekend as well.’

Sound extravagant? Take it from us, Michelle Keegan’s decision to have two different hen weekends is much more level headed than you think.

1. Having two hen parties means you can have a wilder one with your best mates and a nice, sophisticated celebration that you can invite your mum to.

2. Sometimes you have to invite people to your hen do that you don’t really know that well or don’t really feel comfortable letting your hair down in front of. This may be because of office politics, politeness, in law obligations – whatever the reason, having two hen weekends means you can reserve one pre-nuptial blow out for your nearest and dearest only.

3. You may be willing to splash the cash on making your hen weekend one of the biggest parties of your life, but not everyone might want to break the bank. This isn’t them being selfish, yours might be the third hen do they’re having to attend this year or maybe they’ve already booked their trip abroad. Be accommodating for everyone if you’re choosing to jet off on your hen do and book a party at home too.

4. Sometimes you need a second, calmer hen weekend to recover from the first one. This is nobody’s fault, it’s just the way things are. An epic  hen party is often followed by an equally impressive hangover, but it’s worth every pitiful glass of OJ and paracetamol the next day. Michelle Keegan is intending her girly spa weekend to be much calmer and simpler than her ‘wild’ ‘hen do abroad.

5. It’s also nice just to have two hen parties because it’s double the fun, double the friends, and  double the presents with any luck.

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