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Did the Brits 2014 put the ruckus back into rock ‘n’ roll?

Red7 , February 20, 2014

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Last year’s Brit awards were blasted by critics for being terribly un-rock ‘n’ roll. The performances, they said, were uninspired and the winners mundane. There was too much Emile Sande and Ben Howard and not enough Russell Brand talking about the Queen’s ‘naughty bits.’ When a slightly drunk Harry Styles is the most controversial person in the room, us Brits need to give ourselves a good talking to.

The  snooze-fest was highlighted because it lacked the sometimes contrived controversy of previous events. We can all remember the magic of Geri Halliwell in a Union Flag dress, the shocking Jarvis Cocker bum-wiggling stage-invading protest against Michael Jackson’s ‘God complex’ performance, Chumbawumba throwing a jug of water over John Prescott’s face, Brandon Block picking a fight with Ronnie Wood, and that time Liam Gallagher threw a microphone into the crowd after accepting an award. All of these rock ‘n’ roll Brits moments were cringeworthy, offensive, funny and made us extremely proud to be music’s lovable rogues.

You see, us Brits are good at being controversial when we want to be, and at last night’s Brit Awards we may just have proven to the world that we can still cause a right royal ruckus. Here’s the Brit Awards 2014’s most rock ‘n’ roll moments… We’ll let you decide.

Prince was there

Prince made a rare public appearance with his new band 3RDEYEGIRL to present the first award of the night, Best British Female Solo Artist, to Ellie Goulding. James Corden interrupted his speech to take a selfie with the iconic pop star.

Katy Perry invented ‘neon Egyptian’

Despite missing out to Lorde for the award for Best International Female Solo Artist, Katy Perry stunned with her neon, Egyptian themed performance of single ‘Dark Horse.’ Katy Perry was pulled around the stage in a chariot wearing a fabulous neon Cleopatra outfit before doing sexy Egyptian-inspired moves with her equally neon-clad dancers. It was ridiculous, but also stunning.

Kate Moss accepted David Bowie’s award for Best British Male

Noel Gallagher introduced the category for Best British Male before announcing that ‘David Bowie’s representative on Earth, Kate Moss’ was here to accept the award. Moss wore the famous Iggy Stardust jumpsuit and read out a speech from Bowie, ending ‘And Scotland stay with us’ before striking the iconic Iggy Stardust pose and leaving the stage. It stole the show.

James Corden fooled around

After the media media frenzy which followed James Corden and Nick Grimshaw’s  little kiss for the cameras last year, the pair made sure that everyone got an eyeful of their massive onstage snog at the Brits 2014.

Pharrell wore his massive hat again

Pharrell Williams is not strictly a Brit, but his hat is. He shows no sign of ditching the  enormous Vivienne Westwood hat after wearing the vintage 1980s buffalo hat at this year’s Grammy Awards.

The Arctic Monkeys gave a very rock ‘n’ roll speech

British band, The Arctic Monkeys collected two awards at the 2014 Brits, including Best British Group and MasterCard British Album of the Year, which they have won three times. Frontman Alex Turner delivered a suitably rock ‘n’ roll speech, preaching lyrically about the perseverance of rock ‘n’ roll and ending by saying ‘invoice me for the microphone if you want it’ before dropping it on the floor. Brilliantly arrogant and contrived and already controversially dividing opinion on the internet.


Roll on next year.

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