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Czech out Prague for your stag do!

Red7 , August 10, 2011

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Often labelled as the last night of freedom, a stag do should be a safe and enjoyable time for everyone who goes, and Prague is one of the best places to check out if you’re heading away on a stag party for a few days.

Prague has it all; women, quad biking, paintball, guns (in a controlled environment at a shooting range), white water rafting, a karting grand prix, or if you’ve got the money you can even fly in an L-39 military jet!

Aside from the action, there’s also the nightlife that can make your weekend unforgettable, although there is a side of Prague’s nightlife that you have to be aware of.


There are some great pubs and clubs that you have to visit, such as The Beer Factory, where you pour your own pints at your table, with every drop you drink marked on the wall through an electronic tally – you’ll probably find yourself getting into a competition with the tables around you to see who can drink the most – although this is highly unadvisable if you want to stay out all night. The Beer Factory is quite cheap despite the amount of beer you’ll consume, and is a decent bar to watch the football on if there are any games on while you’re away.

Also, check out Duplex on the main road of Wenceslas Square – you need to get in the lift to take you to the rooftop bar, but in the daytime there’s some great views and it’s a decent location to sit out in the sun and have a few drinks. At night, it is one of the busiest clubs in the centre, and has two floors with different music. Friday and Saturday nights can be quite busy, so get there early if you want to


Prague has many bars described as “Cabaret” bars, which masquerade as strip clubs, and lads on stag parties are the prime target for the guys who try and get you in, and this can put a dampener on proceedings.

As soon as you’re spotted on Wenceslas square, guys from all angles will appear, trying to drag you into the clubs with promises of ‘5 free beers’ and of course women available at a price; which unless you’re going for this reason, can be extremely annoying and they will become the bane of your life.

As soon as you get rid of one guy, the next one appears and the routine starts again, where you’ll be asked where you’re going next, why you’re going there, how long you’re in Prague for and where you are staying. Don’t give any of this information away, the best advice is to simply say “no” to everything they say, and hopefully they’ll soon get the hint.

After you’ve already told one of them you’re not interested, if they see you again later they’ll be at it again, so try and remain calm, don’t get abusive as you don’t want to create any extra problems, just say “no” to everything they ask.

Before you leave your hotel, arrange where you’re going and split up rather than walking round in a large group – you might go under the radar and save yourself the hassle of being pestered for most of the evening. Try not to draw attention to yourselves by dressing up as women, superheroes or anything else that will make you stand out from a mile away, as you’ll regret it.


One thing to be wary of from these guys is that some of them are pickpockets – during my last trip to Prague in September, on four separate occasions our group caught them in the act and they just laughed it off and acted dumb, so keep your hands in your pockets, and if one of your group is a bit worse for ware and is visibly drunk, keep close and ensure they don’t get relieved of their phone and wallet.

Like in any capital city, pickpockets will target tourists who don’t look after their possessions – high value items such as cameras and phones should be kept out of sight.

Here are some more tips to help you beat the pickpockets:

• Keep your money separate – rather than having all your money in one place, keep it in two places on your body, so that if you do lose some or are the victim of theft you won’t lost everything
• Never keep anything in a back pocket – this is the first place thieves will try and take something from, and the easiest to get away with
• Don’t leave wallets or phones out on the table in bars – it only takes a split second for someone to come over trying to sell something or asking for directions while they or an accomplice has taken your items.
• Be extra cautious on trams – probably the most notorious place for thieves to strike.


If you need to get a taxi somewhere, ask the hotel reception staff to book one for you – if you hail one in the street you’ll pay massively over the odds. Try and agree a fee before you get in and start your journey, as otherwise the meter will be ‘broken’ and you’ll be met with a taxi fare that is nowhere near what it should be.

Not everyone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes and steal from you, there are plenty of genuine honest people out there who will point you in the right direction if you need anything, so just be careful and enjoy yourself on your Prague Stag Do!

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