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COVID-19 Travel Update

Rob Reaks , March 12, 2020

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UPDATED 27th March 2020. 13:53

COVID-19 Travel Update: Red7 is monitoring the current Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) situation very closely. 

Please be assured that the health and safety of all our customers remains our priority and we are taking advice from the UK Government , ABTA, the Travel Association, The FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and The World Health Organisation. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE – 16th March 2020 – Europe’s Borders closed at 12:00 on 17th March 2020 for 30 days.

We are living through something none of us had expected nor experienced in our lifetimes, and at these uncertain times we need to work together to make sure that life can return to ‘normal’ as soon as possible.
We’ve been around for over 3 decades, and we’re determined to survive this virus. We need to ask that you are ‘part of the solution’ at this testing time. We’re asking you to delay your holiday, because life is not over, it’s just on hold. #protecttourism

ABTA – The Travel Association – are working hard with the UK Government to protect YOU the consumer, as well as travel agencies like ours, airlines, cruise lines, hotels and all travel industry employees – we MUST protect the Tourism Industry, infrastructures and suppliers because we all need something to look forward to at the end of this crisis. 

What ABTA are proposing is that instead of cash refunds, you will be entitled to a ‘postponed travel credit voucher’ to use for future travel.

Visit the ABTA website HERE

As we all try to understand this situation and come to terms with what it means to us and each other, we are reminded of Darwinism, “In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

Can I call you to discuss my travel arrangements?

We have taken the decision to temporarily suspend our inbound calls to allow the team to focus on the task of contacting those with imminent travel plans.  Our team are working full time and are contacting Group Leaders where travel is imminent (i.e in the next one or two weeks). Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I am travelling very soon

If you were due to travel between now and 16th April your holiday has been postponed We will emailing you a Postponed Travel Credit Voucher and you can then re-book at a later date once the travel situation becomes clearer. 

I am travelling soon (after 17th April)

It is still possible that your holiday may proceed as planned. We will be in contact with you regularly as further information on the current or future restrictions becomes available to enable us to reschedule your holiday if that becomes necessary. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this unprecedented time.

I am travelling to the UK, what should I do?

The UK Government have severely restricted social interaction and if you were due to travel in the UK in the near future your holiday is now postponed. If your travel is imminent, we will contact you very soon. If it is not imminent, we will contact you closer to your planned departure date to reschedule your holiday. This is to manage the high demand on the teams, who continue to work full time behind the scenes to reach out to everyone affected in priority departure date order.

How flexible are you regarding changes to itineraries and destinations?

We are encouraging all groups to try to stick to the same travel plans as before so that, when the time comes to travel, those activity suppliers and accommodation owners will benefit from your custom. They are going to be so dependent on and grateful for that custom.

I’m planning a Sports Trip that’s been postponed, what should I do?

Currently all Easter Tournaments have been postponed to 2021. We are asking that you now delay your trip to the same tournament, at Easter 2021.  An announcement regarding May Tournaments will be made very soon.

When do I need to use my Credit by?

Subject to any new rules or advice from ABTA, we are currently asking that Postponed Travel Credit Vouchers are used within 12 months of your original departure date.

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