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Countdown to sextasy – the golden rules

Red7 , April 24, 2014

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Calling all would-be Romeos – your number’s up.

According to new figures from, there is a strict checklist that women expect potential mates to follow before they are willing to get physical

So guys, if you have you eyes on that special prize you will need to make an effort to woo the woman of your dreams.

Here is the list that leads to lust:

12 text conversations: if the guys don’t have text appeal, it is all off before it has even started. Don’t overdo it and come on like a stalker – but play it cool and you’ll be left in the cold

7 passionate kisses: but not all on the first date. Spread out the lip action to make the biggest impression

5 social media messages: you need to show your online charm before you can hope to make it real

5 phone calls: It’s not enough to let your fingers to the talking – girls want guys to communicate

5 heart to hearts: OK – you’ve got to know each other’s Twitter profile and Facebook updates, but there comes a point when you really have to open up

4 meals together: A classy restaurant, her kitchen or, better still, the guy can show off his culinary skills. If passion is on the menu, it’s essential to get things cooking

3 DVDs watched: From Brief Encounter to When Harry Met Sally and finally True Romance.

1 bunch of flowers: Guys – don’t leave it until you’ve made a massive blunder, treat her right from the beginning.


But all of the above will fail if the guys don’t watch out for the top five turn-offs:


1. Body odour

2. No chemistry

3. Looking at other women

4. Being rude to bar or restaurant staff

5. Not seeming interested in conversation

And when the course of true love runs smooth, you will need our help. Check out our hen and stag ideas here

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