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Cocktails, Beaches and Cruising in Benalmadena

Red7 , August 8, 2013

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Benalmadena, 3-star hotel

It not the easiest of places to pronounce and you may not have even heard of it before but Benalmadena should be considered if you’re looking for a Spanish destination for your hen do.

Located in the popular southern Spanish district of Malaga on the Costa del Sol, it has all the trimmings of Marbella with sun, sea and sand all on a par but without the celeb hype. Before you go, here’s a look at some essential things to do when you’re in this top resort;


If you love your cocktails, there are a fair few bars offering the best Mojitos, Cosmos and Moscow Mules around. However, if you want to get the hands on experience, we can organise a cocktail masterclass to get you and your girls in the party spirit, before you head out to the clubs for the rest of the evening.

Spa treatment

Benalmadena can be a place of detox and relaxation with sandy beaches and good restaurants welcoming the health conscious hen among us. However, if you just want to pampered for the day before you get a bit blotto in the night, then that’s just as welcome as well, with some really great spas in the resort to indulge in a spot of pampering.

The beach

Even though you’re more likely to be lying down, relaxing and not doing much, going to the beach is still an activity and one of the best ones at that. With over 300 days of sun every year, clear blue Mediterranean waters lapping the shore and the majority of the Costa del Sol coastline blue flag assured, the beaches of Benalmadena are ideal for you and your hens.

Cruising (not that kind)

If you can recall that clear blue waters I just mentioned and now imagine floating out to sea on a catamaran with your very own skipper, champers and some girly banter, then you’ve got an idea as to what an afternoon in Benalmadena can be like for a group of hens on the hunt for a tan and relaxation.

Theme parks

On the other hand, if you’d rather mix it up and head down a water slide at ‘blooming fast’ miles per hour, then there are a couple of water parks in and around Benalmadena which come highly recommended and will happily quench the thirst for an adrenalin rush!

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