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Canada Launches Unique Beer Bike

Red7, June 20, 2012

Most of us are familiar with the genius invention that is the beer bike but if you’re reading this now wondering what on earth  I’m talking about then I suggest you do you climb out of that cave you’ve been living in! Drink driving awaits! Ahem. Only the kind that’s legal and kosher of course…

Invented in the Netherlands in the late 1990s, the beer bike’s original purpose was to provide a unique way of sightseeing and a darn right more fun way too.  Unsurprisingly, it soon became massively appealing to those visiting on a stag do in Amsterdam who’s priorities were on the beer rather than the sightseeing and it has since been replicated in Berlin, Munich and many other cities in Europe.

The traditional beer bike is equipped for up to 17 people, with individual bicycle seats built around a bar like structure. Each person must peddle to keep it moving but the essential aspect of what makes this giant bicycle so appealing is the constant supply of beer provided on tap. To ensure that the inevitably inebriated peddler’s don’t crash what essentially is a pub on wheels, into an innocent bystander, there is a sober tour guide in charge of steering the bike in the right direction!

The craze has become so popular that now even the Canadians have created their own unique take on the beer bike.  Thought to be the first beer bike to be launched in Canada, it comes from a collaboration between brewery Kishesippi Beer & Co and Tall Tree Cycles in Ottawa. Picture this; a specifically designed bicycle with a counter top and the capacity to hold a 50 litre keg, ice, CO2 and pint glasses.

The premise behind this invention is less about a group experience and more about being able to hire it for events so beer can be delivered in a fun and unique way; would be a great one for an outdoor wedding! Making your way over to Canada on a stag do is unlikely of course so whilst the rest of the world cottons on to the joy that is the mobile pub, get yourselves over to Germany for a stag do in Munich or Berlin.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved in the only sport where beer drinking is essential!

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