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Britain’s Best Proposal winners

Rob Reaks , May 14, 2019

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Congratulations to Laura and Craig – crowned Britain’s Best Proposal Winners 2019. We received hundreds of nominations, we whittled things down to 10 regional finalists in April and we put it to the public vote in May.

Laura and Craig secured 70% of the public vote and have won a meal for six at a Country House Hotel restaurant. Meet Britain’s Best Proposal Winners – here’s their story, as told to us by Laura.

Britain's Best Proposal Winners

So, my partner and I have been through something that most wouldn’t manage!

In September 2018, my partner Craig had a motor cross accident and become T3 paralysed and got rushed to Bristol Southmead Hospital to have surgery. The surgery went as well as could be expected, but his spinal cord was very damaged. Craig caught a chest infection and had to be placed in a hospital-induced coma for 2 weeks with a breathing tube. A blood clot in his lung added to the severity of the situation.

I stayed by his bedside every second of every day trying to learn as much as I could about paralysis. Getting my head round what this means, what I need to do next. I concentrated on making myself strong in this time dealing with it with my new knowledge so when he woke I could answer EVERYTHING.

Day 4, Craig is out of the coma but couldn’t talk as he had a tracheotomy in his throat so I had become quite the mouth reader!

I popped out for some lunch, and when I came back the ICU nurse said “wait there a minute, Craig needs something done”. She comes out few mins later, “Laura, Craig wants to talk to you for a moment”.

I rush in and Craig takes my hand (weird) and he mouthed “I love you” ; I replied that I love him, then he mouthed something but I wasn’t sure what he said. He mouthed it again, this time I knew….”will you marry me?”. He pulled a home made ring made from tin dishes from the hospital. He had planned the whole thing from the beginning of that day with the nurses. It was a huge surprise and shock as everything he was going through he thought to do that!!!!! Of course, I said yes!

We are still early days in our new adventure but we are getting there; Craig is now out of rehab and is back home. The big day isn’t booked yet (Craig’s health is our only priority) but our Wedding Day is our goal to getting back on track and being the best we can, together!

Britain's Best Proposal Winner 2019
“Will you marry me, Laura?”
Britain's Best Proposal Winner
Britain's Best Proposal Winner

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