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Britain’s Best Proposal finalists

Rob Reaks , May 2, 2019

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Meet our finalists. After a four week search of Britain, we have chosen our Finalists. Read their stories here. Our final short-list will be put to a “public vote” (Red7 customers) in May.

Britain’s Best Proposal Finalists are:

South West: Laura Wood | South East: Alex Buckwell | North West: Holly Clitheroe | North East: Rachel Sunderland | London: Chasady Rodriquez | Midlands:  Emma Hewitt | East England: Lucy Black | Scotland: Hazel Staunton | Wales: Natasha Gannon-Johns | N.I: Hannah McAtee

Britain’s Best Proposal Finalists: South East

Meet Britain’s best proposal finalists, Alex and David.

Britain's Best Proposal Finalists

“My partner David and I were visiting the US for a friend’s wedding. The weekend fell across a weekend in April so we decided to add on to either end of our trip. We started with 5 days in New York and then flew to Savannah for the wedding. We met up with 8 of our friends and had an amazing time celebrating the wedding. We then hired a car and drove 800 miles to Miami and spent a few days there! We flew to the Bahamas a few days later where David proposed to me on our first night. We went for a pre-dinner beach stroll and saw stingrays in the sea. The sky was pink and the sea was calm and David had picked the most perfect spot. He had chosen a ring himself and went down on one knee, recording the whole thing whilst pretending we were taking a photo. It was so perfect and set the tone for a perfect 5 days in paradise!”

Stingrays in the Bahamas. Britain's Best Proposal Finalists David and Alex

Our Eastern England Finalist

Britain’s best proposal finalists Lucy and fiancé Aaron got engaged on the 28th November 2018. It sounds SO perfect to us here at Red7. A worthy finalist.

“We had both had a tough year as sadly he lost his dad in June and I lost my mum in August. A week before my mum passed away was my 30th birthday and I received a very special handbag from Aaron which had a very special purse inside. Even more exciting was the note inside the purse:

“On the 28th November you and me,
Will stand in front of the Rockefeller tree,
Where all the Christmas fun awaits,
Yes we are going to New York, the United States!”

I cried as I read the note aloud – he was taking me to New York, my dream destination, and we were going to see the famous Christmas tree from Home Alone! A few months later and we made it to New York on the 28th November – our first stop, the Rockefeller tree of course! As it was the light switch on that night it was extremely busy and we couldn’t get anywhere near. So we went to get dinner and came back later. The tree was so beautiful and we stood admiring it and taking photos for a while and then Aaron found a quiet spot at the back of the crowds and tried to persuade me that it was a tradition to make a wish in front of this Christmas tree. I wished that we could be together forever and then he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! It was a complete surprise and a great way to end our year on a happier note. There will always be a special place in my heart for the Rockefeller Christmas tree!”

Britain's Best Proposal Finalists

Britain’s Best Proposal – our London finalist

Our London finalists Daniel and Chasady got engaged at the stunning Blenheim Palace. Here’s their story.

“Daniel and I have been a couple fuelled by infinite adventure, romance and travel from the day we met.  Every part of our relationship has been a fairy-tale, so I wasn’t surprised when the proposal was nothing less than perfect.  We randomly met 5 years ago in New York City and have since had a long-distance relationship, lived in Australia for 2.5 years and settled in London, England (his hometown).  Historic Blenheim Palace is stunning in its own right with Winston Churchill being born there and also where he proposed to his beloved, Clementine.  I’m a sucker for romance and this was right out of a Jane Austin book – I was hooked. 

Picture us, the only people on this two-acre lawn, overlooking the entirety of the palace swimming in sunshine. Dan gave me a  gentle kiss and got down on one knee.  For a moment I was in complete shock and then I burst into ugly girl tears.  Think Kim Kardashian meme!  The most touching words were said, but the thing that got me most was how nervous he was.  Daniel is the most confident person I know and he shook like a leaf.  That just showed he was wearing his heart on his sleeve and exposing his raw, true feelings for me and that meant so much.  After he put on the stunning oval ring with diamond band on my finger, he proceeded to lift me up and swirl me around with the most magical kiss.  

He had recorded the entire thing!  I still cry this day when I watch the video or think of the scenario in my head.  The whirlwind of the happiest  feelings, pure love and adoration, adrenaline, the most overwhelming feeling of calmness and that you were meant to be right there, in that moment and with that person, your entire life. 

Pure, unfiltered, and romantic proposal.”

Britain's Best Proposal finalists. London, Chasady and Daniel at Blenheim Palace

Transformers fan Holly was surprised at Europe’s largest convention. Is this Britain’s Best Proposal?

“Just before our 2 year anniversary, we went to T F Nation (Transformers convention) at the Hilton in Birmingham. My partner Alex booked an amazing suite for us and we splashed out a bit more than normal.

“On the last day of the convention, my partner bought a Soundwave figure, we went up to the room. He then came back in with the figure, he got me to open the cassette tape on it, and inside was the ring. It was romantic and very ‘us’; it meant a lot that it had thought behind it and was true to us as a couple. We got to celebrate with our friends who were at the convention as well.” Holly and Alex, our North West England regional Finalists.

Britain's best Proposal Finalists Holly and Alex

Britain’s Best Proposal, the North East finalist

Rachel and Andy are our North East finalists. “Our engagement happened on Christmas Day 2018. A day that some people expect an influx of engagements and do the whole “eye roll” thing when they see another engagement. However, for me, this was the most perfect time for it. My Fiancé, Andy planned the whole thing so amazingly, unexpected and so romantic. As I walked out of my bedroom, there were rose petals going all the way down the stairs with a different photograph of a memory we have had together on every other step all the way down to the living room door. I opened the door and he was down on one knee in the middle of our living room….” Rachel said yes, of course! We think Andy did this so beautifully, such a romantic and intimate way to pop the question.

Britain's Best Proposal finalists, the North East

Britain’s Best Proposal Finalists (South West) – Craig and Laura

“My partner Craig had a motor cross accident and become T3 paralysed. His post-accident surgery went as well as expected but he then caught a chest infection and pneumonia. I stayed by his bedside every second of every day. He woke from the coma but had a tracheotomy so I had to become quite the mouth reader! One day Craig takes my hand and mouthed “I love you”;  I said “I love you” then he mouthed “will you marry me” and pulled a home made ring made from tin dishes from the hospital.

We are still early days in our new adventure but we are getting there. Craig is now out of rehab and has been back home. Getting the big day booked isn’t our priority but we are using our wedding as our goal to get back on track!”

Laura and Craig; Britain's Best Proposal finalists South West

The Midlands’ finalist

Possibly also Britain’s HIGHEST proposal! Britain’s best proposal finalists Emma Hewitt and her fiance Richard Rose enjoyed their special moment at the top of Cima Capi overlooking Lake Garda. After hours of hiking and a vertical rock climb, he popped the question whilst they admired the beautiful views of the lake.

Emma Hewitt. our Midland's regional finalist. Britain's Best Proposal Finalists


Hazel Staunton and Joshua Bertman

“At the beginning of the year (2018) my partner left me the dog and England behind for an 8 month deployment with the Royal Navy with us thinking it was going to be the worst year we had been together yet. A few days later I found out that I was pregnant which was great news and the beginning of our own family. At 37 weeks pregnant I travelled up to Scotland from Doncaster (where we live) to meet his ship coming back from deployment. As the ship approached to dock, there was lots of tears and happiness to see my partner (and him seeing me with the giant bump) and only a matter of minutes until we were reunited. As I waited he was the first one off the ship (he had asked the captains permission) and as I waddled towards him he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! And my reply was oh my god are you serious? I couldn’t believe it! The most romantic thing he has ever done and the best year of our lives.” As our Scottish Britain’s Best Proposal Finalists, we wish them good luck in the competition.

Britain's Best Proposal finalists
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Britain's Best Proposal finalists
Joshua, Hazel and ‘Bump’ India


Sarah and Natasha are our Welsh finalists. Read their story here…

“My now fiancee Sarah had planned a surprise day out for us (21st July 2018), telling me that it was just a treat day for me and a way of saying thank you for all that i have done for her.

Britain's Best Proposal Finalists

The first surprise was a helicopter ride, which is something I’d always wanted to do, this was in Newport, Wales and I was so shocked when we arrived. We had an amazing time even though everyone saw my pants as we got out of the helicopter (those propellers are GUSTY and blew my dress up…just call me Marilyn) after that Sarah told me there was another surprise and we headed to Cardiff Bay, it was a lovely day and we wandered around and Sarah told me we would be going on a private boat trip around the bay. As we were waiting the boat we were going on had a stall and mentions hiring it out for special occasions such as proposals and I made a joke about how Sarah was going to propose…I literally was only joking and had zero idea of what was about to happen.

As we were coming back into the dock (not where we originally left from) Sarah pointed out lots of storm troopers standing along the dock i turned around and looked and was like wow that’s amazing!! As I turned back around Sarah was on bended-knee and asked me to marry her. I burst into tears and of course said YES! Sarah then told me to look at the Storm troopers again and told me they were all our family and friends, she had been planning this for MONTHS and they were all in on it. I shouted to tell them I said yes and there was a lot of cheers. Sarah also pointed out they were holding a banner that read ‘I love you Tasha. Will you marry me?’

Red7 Britain's Best Proposal
Red7 Britain’s Best Proposal

Sarah had then booked for us and all our family and friends to go for some food and drinks……but that wasn’t all as after that Sarah told me I had one more surprise left. It was a night away in the Vale Hotel which included use of the spa and a massage with a delicious breakfast the next day. “

And, finally, Northern Ireland

We’ve chosen to include N.I in our search for ‘Britain’s Best…..’ (although technically, that makes it ‘United Kingdom’s Best…..’); we love Hannah’s proposal story and photos SO much. Well done to the happy couple, Hannah and Mark Graham.

“My fiancée and I got engaged at the Wine Port Lodge in Athlone, Ireland exactly one year ago from tomorrow.  He isn’t usually a natural romantic, but this time he pulled out all of the stops and swept me off my feet! Making sure I was looking my best for the big occasion, my other half had bought me the most beautiful red Lipsy dress to wear on the night he had planned to propose and as I was getting ready for dinner, he had nipped out as he needed to talk to reception (he had actually used this time as his opportunity to create the perfect proposal setting). I was too busy getting ready to think too much into what he was up to.

After a gorgeous meal in the restaurant, my partner and I walked outside for some fresh air. He took me by the hand and walked me over towards a beautiful pavilion that sat out on the lake. He was noticeably nervous at this point, although I still never caught on to what was happening.. until… 

I was wearing high heels which sunk into the grass and nearly made me fall over. As I turned around to catch my balance, I noticed a photographer hiding in the corner behind us and that’s when it clicked.(Actually quite comical). I turned back to him and continued to follow his lead towards the entrance to the pavilion and that’s when he turned to me and dropped to one knee and said the words that every woman who has found love longs to hear! 

He presented my absolute dream ring (I had picked it but I never in a million years imagined I would get it as i had accepted that it was way above what we could afford) it blew me away! I said yes and immediately heard the cheers and applause of the rest of the guests in the hotel out on their balconies watching the special moment! I looked around and was amazed by all of the romantic details he had put into the setting! Personalised balloons, candles, champagne etc.. so beautiful. 

After our photography session, we spent the rest of our evening in the pavilion together celebrating, telling friends and family, talking, drinking and (of course) the social media announcement! Lol. 

It was the most perfect evening with the perfect man. He did amazing!”

Our Best Proposal, Northern Ireland finalists
Our Northern Ireland Finalists

Each of the Britain’s Best Proposal finalists will receive a bottle of Fortnum & Mason champagne. Our judging panel will now whittle the finalists down to TWO, and Red7‘s customer database will be invited to make a PUBLIC VOTE for the wining couple.

Britain's Best Proposal finalists

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