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Who's Britain's Best Bridesmaid?

The hunt is on for Britain’s Best Bridesmaid!

Rob Reaks , January 5, 2018

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Did your Bridesmaid go above and beyond to make your big day the best it could be? Perhaps she created a perfect bridal survival kit or took charge of the wedding to ensure that bridezilla did not surface.

Whatever the reason, if your Bridesmaid brought the essence of #squadgoals, Red7 wants to know!

If you know someone that fits the bill, give her the recognition she deserves. Simply tag her in a comment on our Facebook post and include a reason why.

Nominate your mate for best bridesmaid

To honour the hard work that bridesmaids put into weddings, Red7 is asking couples country-wide to nominate their Best Bridesmaid with heart-warming and remarkable tales of why they should be crowned the nation’s finest.

The crème de la crème will not only claim the glory of being Britain’s Best Bridesmaid, she will also be treated to mini ‘BridesmaidMoon’ for two on a short European Cruise to Amsterdam and Bruges.

The prize includes a four-night short break to explore medieval Bruges and laid-back Amsterdam. In Bruges (tours from Zeebrugge), sip a Trappist beer (with a side order of people watching), take a canal trip or do some serious chocolate shopping. Then on to Amsterdam, which delights with its gabled houses, world-famous museums and tranquil canal walks as you hop between the plentiful bars and cafés. The cruise departs Southampton on 30 June.

Nominate the best of the best from your #WedSquad and give her the recognition she deserves.

Entries can be put forward by the bride or groom, and the deadline for submissions is midnight on 16 February 2018.

2017’s Best Bridesmaid, Jessica Greener said: “I’ve been a bridesmaid six times so far! Winning this title is a real testament to the relationships I have with my best friends. I have loved being a part of each wedding, it’s so important that I can be there for my friends as they start out on their next adventure.”

Why should you nominate her? Here are a few of our top qualities of the perfect Chief bridesmaid:

  • Sending her off in style – you’re her best gal and now is your chance to prove it! Once she’s married there will likely be a few less girlie nights out, so pull out all of the stops and make this one to remember.
  • The dress – you are her real life mirror and honest sounding board. This is no time for rose-tinted glasses – she needs to know if her bum actually looks big this time – but make sure when she finds ‘the one’ your expression tells her so. Your bride needs to look utterly fabulous, so get searching and suggesting!
  • Keeping everybody calm when it counts – wedding days are notoriously emotional and highly stressful, ensuring that your bride is able to enjoy her magical day is paramount.
  • Organise the troops – whilst you’re chief, there are deputies – make sure all the other bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys are ready to go, know what they’re doing and where they’re meant to be. No member of her key wedding party should be MIA or left behind!
  • Ensuring your bride is able to use the bathroom – an essential task and the reality of wearing so many skirts. Familiarise yourself with your bestie’s dress fastenings before the big day so you’re not fumbling around when it comes to the task.
  • If she says jump, you say how high – you’ve been her wing lady for years and have proven skills… but through the planning stages and right up to the day itself you are her right hand lady and should expect to be at her beck and call for all things – big or small!


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