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Around the world in drinks – popular drinks and traditions you should know

Red7 , October 9, 2013

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Czech Republic

Beer is the indisputable drink of choice in the Czech Republic, so if you’re planning a stag weekend to Prague, take note of their rather extensive toasting tradition.

First, you must clink everyone’s glasses on the table, maintaining eye contact. You must not cross arms doing this, as it is said to  negatively affect the drinker’s libido. Finally, the beer mug must be tapped onto the table before drinking up. No problem for any heavy hen and stag party drinkers, then.


France and wine-drinking go hand in hand. If you’re holidaying in Paris this year make like the locals and visit a chic wine bar. Red wine is traditionally drank before a meal. To avoid looking unrefined, fill your glass only half way, and savour the wine by drinking slowly.


Beer is about the same price of water in Germany, home to the biggest celebration of beer in the world – Oktoberfest in Bavaria. 16 days, more than 6 million people and more than 17 million litres of beer gulped down. Prost! (That’s German for ‘Cheers’).


If you’ve booked a hen or stag party in legendary nightlife destination Rekjavik, Iceland then you should be looking forward to (or dreading), their speciality spiced liqueur, fondly named ‘the Black Death.’ Brennivin is an aniseed-flavoured schnapps and a rite of passage for unsuspecting tourists to Iceland.


Although many European countries have embraced the afternoon aperitif tradition, the Italians have turned it into a veritable way of life. An aperitif is an alcoholic drink served before a meal, and has been a fashionable practice in Italy since the late 19th century. Nowadays, in Italy’s most cosmopolitan cities, anyone who is anyone flocks to stylish bars for a glass of Campari, prosecco or other vermouths, accompanied by small snacks such as pate, bread and olives. After an aperitif it is customary to walk the streets in your best clothes before retiring for dinner.


Going to Amsterdam this year? Then the Dutch drinking tradition of ‘Kopstoot’ is a must-try. Kopstoot is literally translated into English as ‘headbutt,’ because it is a surprisingly powerful drink. It refers to the combination of a shot of the traditional Dutch gin ‘jenever’ and beer. Take a shot of jenever, and relieve the strong burning sensation in your throat with a cold glass of beer. Repeat.

New York

We’ve all heard of the ‘New York Minute,’ but did you know that New York is also the home of the Happy Hour? Us neither. New York also claims to be where cocktails were invented, and the city is home to some of the best cocktail bars in the  world. Cosmopolitan anyone?

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