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Old-School Chat Up Lines

10 Old-School Chat Up Lines That Actually WORK

Red7 , February 13, 2017

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Ladies: Bringing back old-school chat up lines. A different approach to modern-day dating.

Anyone with experience dating online will know that the modern-day method of courting is a bit trickier than it might at first appear. It seems like a simple enough process: match, chat, date, find your happily-ever-after… but in Red7’s experience – the time you spend searching won’t always be rewarded!

You need to be ready, because once your phone ‘pings’ to confirm your mutual attraction and a profile pops up on your screen, it’s game on. The rules on who makes the first move don’t apply here; the ball’s in your court to say something first.

Let’s be honest, maybe you were browsing when bored waiting for the bus, or they have been drunkenly selected on your behalf by your bestie. Whatever the method, this is when your single-ready-to-mingle status gets real…

Now pay attention, the very act of kicking off a conversation is an art form and unless you and your match are ‘destined to be’, you could be waiting days, weeks, months, or an eternity to get a response if you get this bit wrong. This is your one and only chance to make a first impression, break the ice and start a ‘chat’. These days a simple “Hi, how’s your day been” just isn’t going to cut it. You want to stand out from the crowd and give them something to really think about.

So, Red7 decided to take a few pointers from the ‘real world’ and asked customers to send the best chat up lines heard while on holiday. As you can imagine, there were some corkers – the finest modern day clichés and classic chat up lines (unbelievably still actively in use!).

We wanted to see how well these chat up lines might work in getting a reply/ reaction/ sign of life beyond the screen… The reactions? See for yourself:

1. Can I have your number? I seem to have lost mine.

Online chat up line

2. How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice….

Online dating chat up line

3. Sorry, you owe me a drink… cos when I saw you I dropped mine!

Online dating chat up conversation

4. Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.

Online dating chat up line

5. Was your dad a space thief? He must’ve been to put those stars in your eyes.

Online dating chat up line

6. If I could re arrange the alphabet I would but U and I together

Online dating conversation - chat up line

7. I lost my teddy bear, can I hug you instead.

Online dating conversation - chat up

8. How do you like your eggs in the morning?!

Online dating conversation - chat up line

9. Aren’t you tired? You have been running through my mind all night.

Online dating conversation - chat up line

10. If you were a burger you would be McBeautiful

 Online dating conversation - chat up line


The results:

Do these chat-up lines work?

Evidently so, since 90% of matches that were sent one of our chat up lines responded positively! Not only did more respond than anticipated, but they did so in record time (most within the hour, and max 24 hours).

Would Red7 recommend trying these lines?

Based on the responses – the reactions of surprise at such a direct/unusual approach, a clear appreciation for the calibre of terrible line “on a par” with their own bad jokes, or simply an excuse to try out their own lines in reply – we think we may have finally discovered how to win at online dating when using old-school chat-up lines! Perhaps the matches thought it cheeky, different, or a brazen approach they could relate to – whatever the reason, the lines worked.

Let’s claim back the chat-up line and see it make a comeback. Take note of a few and maybe try them out on your next ‘match’, or in real life if you’ve got the balls! You might be pleasantly surprised by the response and hey, maybe you’ll one day be saying ‘How we met? Well now that’s a funny story…!’

This was ‘researched’ in harmless fun and no hearts were broken. Please use chat up lines responsibly, all are used at your own risk.

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