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Hen Ideas

Women: stop worrying about your pre-wedding diets

Red7 , May 14, 2014

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It’s two weeks before one of the biggest days of your life. Your wedding feels like it’s only moments away and you’re in the midst of a last-minute wedding preparation nightmare. Your mum-in-law is fussing about the seating plan, there’s planned road works on the main route to the venue. One week to go and you’ve discovered that the photographer is an old boyfriend you hadn’t recognised and two of the bridesmaids have rekindled a feud. Three days to go and you realise you’ve forgotten to buy shoes for the flower girl. It’s the morning of the wedding and the make-up artist is late.

Any normal bride, having spent months preparing for every single scenario and thriving on adrenalin and excitement will be able to deal with these problems and walk down the aisle on her wedding day, unruffled. We’ve all got a bridezilla in us somewhere, and she rears her monstrous head when needed.

However, consider trying to deal with those problems after a month of no carbs, wine or chocolate and in some cases, no solid foods at all.

That is the reality of the extreme pre-wedding diet.

Brides are under increasing pressure to look thin in their wedding dresses from high-fashion bridal magazine editorials, celebrity brides and the usual media pressures for us girls to look stick thin and fabulous all of the time. Pre-holiday diets, post-baby diets, LBD diets, after-Christmas diets. It seems like every important moment in our lives needs to be preceded or followed by a punishing period of denying ourselves certain foods.

Times of celebration are being overshadowed by our desire to lose weight in time for the inevitable photographs.

There has always been a fascination in the press around Kim Kardashian’s weight, but in the months leading up to her wedding to Kanye West, this pre-wedding diet obsession has reached fever pitch. Did you know that Kim Kardashian is both on the corset diet (which involves wearing a corset for two-six hours a day to limit the ability to consume food) and the low carb ketogenic diet (whatever that is). Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

She’s not the only celebrity to be in the press before her wedding because of her pre-wedding diet.  Jessica Alba did the corset diet long before Kim did, Jenifer Aniston is doing the Atkins diet in preparation to her wedding to Justin Theroux and Kate Middleton slaved away at the highly restrictive Dukan diet to shed the pounds before the royal wedding.

We asked a selection of women who are either engaged or married about the pressures they felt to lose weight before their weddings. The majority of them felt that they had to make more effort to look good in the lead up to their big day, which is understandable, and 40% of these women switched to a healthy diet and exercise regime. The rest of the brides however, unveiled a list of fad diets and restrictive eating plans as long as Kim Kardashian’s alleged wedding guest list.

The diets that a large proportion of the brides asked included the Slimfast diet (in which one bride claimed to have nearly fainted in a shopping centre), the Atkins diet, the marine diet, Slenderblend shake diet, the My Ftness Pal 1200 calorie counter app, the 5:2 diet and the 30 Day Shred. The brides also said that they had used these diets to lose weight for other milestones such as after having a baby, to look good for graduation and of course, to get bikini ready.

Did you also know that there are far more extreme diets that brides are using to shed the pounds. Ask around in any online wedding forums and you’ll come across horror stories of laxatives, vitamin injections, extreme juice cleanses and the holy grail of ridiculous and dangerous pre-wedding diets – the feeding tube.

The feeding tube diet, also known as the K-E diet gained notoriety in 2012. It involves spending ten days prior to the wedding with a feeding tube inserted up your nose pumping protein, fat and water into your stomach to shed around twenty pounds. Side effects include constipation, bad breath, having to carry around a tub of feeding solution and people asking I you’re dying. Pretty horrific, isn’t it?

We know the average bride-to-be isn’t about to shove a feeding tube up her nose any time soon, but the more common fad diets are becoming increasingly popular amongst brides.

We can only warn against the perils of putting a strain on your body in the weeks leading up to your wedding. The last thing a bride needs is depleted energy and brain power needed to prepare for what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

Another point to make is that our fellas proposed to us before our pre-wedding diets, and assuming he isn’t a psychopath, losing 10 pounds wasn’t part of the agreement. It’s true that the pressure to look thin often comes from other women but if you feel the need to lose weight before your wedding, please do it safely.  If it leaves you unable to forgo the buffet table on your wedding day it’ a no-no, similarly if it adds extra stress to your wedding prep, leave it out.

And bridal boot camps? We can’t think of anything more terrifying.

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