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Hen Ideas

Travel tips for hens with too much baggage

Red7 , August 14, 2014

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Ah the curse of the airline baggage weight limit! It’s defeated many a hen trying to fit 10 pairs of shoes and the contents of Boots pharmacy into her suitcase.

Packing for a hen weekend is hard. Not only have you got to pick enough winning party outfits for every night of the week but prepare for any number of activities and hen do surprises. And then there’s the willy straws, ‘L’ plates, feather boas, shot glass necklaces and life-size cut-outs of Channing Tatum… What’s a hen to do?

Luckily, we’ve delved into the depths of the internet and asked our most travel-savvy friends to come up with these ingenious travel tips. Here’s how to pack your suitcase without going over the weight limit.

1. Share! Does every hen really need to bring a separate hair dryer, straighteners and mammoth bottle of sun lotion? Write a list of everything heavy you need to take and give each hen something to bring.

2. If you need to put something in your suitcase without it getting creased, fold it loosely, slide it inside a sealable plastic bag and seal it with some air still inside so it can’t be squashed. We like to think this makes your suitcase weigh less too.

3. Double up your carry on with your beach bag – both need to be enormous and stylish anyway.

4. Take an extra-light suitcase and save precious grams that can be used for shoes and jewellery.

5. Put your heaviest items in your hand luggage and wear your heaviest items of clothing such as jeans.

6. We know not all products are convenient to have in travel miniature, so pick lighter products for instance by swapping your hair mousse for a lighter hair spray or your heavy sun cream for an oil mist. Remember you can also buy some beauty products to put in your carry on after security in larger airports.


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