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Hen Ideas

The 10 commandments of being a bridesmaid

Red7 , June 3, 2014

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1. Thou shalt remain unflapped no matter what crisis occurs on the eve or morning of the wedding. This includes tears ruining make up, late cars, ill-fitting dresses, spilt champagne – whatever it is, it’s the bridesmaid’s job to fully support the bride and make sure as far as she is concerned, the whole thing goes off without a hitch. She’ll repay you when it’s your turn.

2. Thou shalt tell the bride when she is turning into a Bridezilla (very, very, gently). Understand that she’s not being scary and mental on purpose. She is stressed, nervous, excited and quite possibly terrified all at the same time and she probably doesn’t realise she’s acting a little unreasonably. Just don’t say unreasonable.

3. Thou shalt not let the bride get too drunk on her hen weekend and make a fool of herself. Remember that a bridesmaid’s job is to make sure she has an amazing, memorable hen party and make sure she has a steady supply of water rather than Sambuca when her eyes start to get a little bleary.


4. Thou shalt set up an emergency Cava fund as soon as the wedding date is set. Trust us, you’ll need it.

5. Thou shalt steer the bride towards Topshop and Nandos when four hours of shopping for place settings, flower girl shoes and wedding favours starts turning into a bit too much like hard work.

6. Thou shalt not tag the bride in any unflattering photos from the hen weekend or the wedding itself. However it is acceptable to save the best of them for homemade birthday cards.

7. Thou shalt wear whatever bridesmaid dress the bride wants them to wear – unless it makes you look like a sausage wrapped in chiffon, in which case, speak up.


8. Thou shalt make the bride’s female relatives and distant friends feel like ‘one of the girls’ on the hen weekend.

9. Thou shalt not steal attention away from the bride. It may be tempting for a bridesmaid to talk about your own wedding or stress about your hair and makeup or fitting into your dress, but don’t. You’ll have your own time in the limelight.

10. Be proud! And do her proud. You’ve been chosen to stand beside your best friend on one of the biggest days of her life.

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