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Hen Ideas

Rochelle Wiseman’s Hen Party: Tacky, Low Key or Wild?

Red7 , May 24, 2012

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After the epic stag do which the pop band JLS boys organised for Marvin Humes, we are expecting something of equal grandeur and debauch when it comes to his fiancée Rochelle Wiseman’s hen party due to take place this weekend.

With the JLS boys jetting off to Las Vegas for an extravagant and wild stag party involving a dwarf, strippers and just the usual shenanigans which occur in Vegas, the girl band The Saturdays are hopefully planning an equally exciting hen do for Rochelle, who said of Marvin’s stag do;

”It looked like he was having a whale of a time. He was handcuffed to a dwarf, he went in a helicopter, he was in the casino 24/7, he wore a bikini…I was with my new in-laws cooking.”

Set to take place this weekend, Rochelle has previously said that she wants a tacky hen do;

“I don’t know, I don’t want to know! I have asked for something really tacky so I’m sure they’ll deliver!”

So, are we talking a tacky hen do in Blackpool or a much classier option such as a hen do in Barcelona with tacky extras of  willy straws and pink cowboy hats?!

Well Una Healy, another member of The Saturdays who has just been engaged to rugby player Ben Foden and is rumoured to be combining her hen party with Rochelle’s, already seems to have an idea of how it’s going to go;

“Wait for our hen party…it’s going to be wild!”

So watch this space but whatever they decide to do, we hope they do us proud and make it a good one!

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