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Hen Ideas

Reality TV Star Hen Do’s

Red7 , July 18, 2012

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For a lot of celebrities, being in the limelight on a hen do is the last thing they want when they spend their lives in it day to day. To keep their hen party discreet, they usually go for a low key option away from prying eyes, for example, pop star Lily Allen’s hen do in London was a largely private affair.

For reality TV stars though, it seems the limelight is all they want, no surprise considering their fame came from reality TV in the first place.

Kate Lawler has just turned up in the papers after playing to the cameras at her sisters hen do in Ibiza. Kate who? For anyone who remembers Big Brother 2002, she’s the one who won.

It’s not surprising that Ibiza hen parties are popular though; sun, sea and sand along with some of the best clubs, parties and DJs in the world make it a hot destination in more ways than one.

Also on the hotlist of destinations for reality TV stars to be seen and papped is Marbella, largely as a result of ITV’s TOWIE special being filmed there. Further, editor of Marbella’s “Hot Magazine” Giles Brown stated that;

“Like it or loathe it, TOWIE has led to a massive increase in stag and hen dos in Marbella.”

Of course, Marbella hen weekends have long time been a favourite for reality TV stars as well as non-celebrities so this is no news to us!

Last year, we had Kim Kardashian flaunting her stuff in a club in Las Vegas for her hen do with scantily clad ladies and a striptease from a dwarf! Very understated Kim.

Despite the Reality TV celebrity hen do’s being OTT and splashed across the papers, it does give us some entertainment and perhaps for some of us…some ideas?! You decide.

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