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Hen Ideas

Holiday Beauty Regimes to Start Now

Red7 , January 22, 2014

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January is a huge month for holiday planning. There’s just something about this sub-zero, gloomy weather that makes us want to shed our cosy jumpers, flee the morale-dampening, soggy daily commute and head for the sun. We don’t blame you for wanting to swap your fluffy slippers for flip flops and your bottomless mug of tea in front of the telly for a mojito by the pool. In fact, we encourage it wholeheartedly. There’s nothing better than looking forward to a sun-drenched holiday for beating those January blues.

But, what’s this? Winter seems to have done something slightly underhand to our toned golden limbs we worked so hard for in preparation for our summer holidays. We suspect its a bid to keep us in it’s icy clutches a little longer. All that holiday partying and harsh winter climate has left us feeling a little defeated, and less than body-confident for the big holiday bikini reveal. To avoid that usual last-minute gym, fad diet and fake tan panic most of us experience a few weeks before our beach holiday, in 2014 we’re resolving to start our summer beauty preparation now. Don’t worry, it requires much less effort than you think to tear yourself away from Celebrity Big Brother and your hot water bottle, and make sure you’re feeling smug and gorgeous on the sun loungers.

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The Summer 2014 Holiday Beauty Prep Guide:

You know the drill: skip dessert, avoid bread, stop drinking, and hit the gym with a vengeance. If you want to – we know it’s hard to stay holier-than-thou in a bid to look hot on the beach for a long period of time. These beach beauty tips are designed to make things a whole lot easier with simple exercise, diet and beauty tips.

Make Exercise Fun

It’s far easier to get fit if you’re actually looking forward to your fitness activity. Dance classes were huge this year, and they’re only going to get more popular in 2014, with fun and fantastically varied classes to get you fit and moving such as salsa, ballet, hip hop and even a routine from a current music video.

Pilates is unsurpassed when it comes to quick, easy results. The simple moves use your own bodyweight to tone and define, and it’s pretty addictive once you start seeing the results. Pilates classes are widely available, or you can have a go at home with, an online collection of free POP pilates videos, all roughly 15 minutes long, with a brilliant pop music soundtrack. The instructor, Cassy Ho, is a miracle in a perky bottle.

Hen Pilates

Finally, 2014 is the year to get out and try something completely new. Climbing lessons will tone you up and increase your body strength without you even realising you’ve had a work out, and climbers are an incredibly social bunch. The after-climbing pub trips are always worth dragging yourself out of your pyjamas for.

Nottingham Climbing Ropes

Check out Redseven’s dance class hen parties here.

Eat Smart

We’re not about to wrestle your dessert spoon away from you. Glamorous foodie Gizzi Erskine seems to have the right idea in her book ‘Skinny Weeks and Weekend Feasts:’ it’s all about being good from Monday to Friday, cooking healthy meals that actually taste good, and being slightly more relaxed at the weekends. The method focuses a lot on home cooking – putting a little TLC into your food and getting you excited about flavour. We’re huge fans.

Restaurant Food Destination

In other news, the latest craze sweeping fitness land is the mocktail. With non-alcoholic bars like Redemption Bar enjoying huge success in January 2014, it seems more of us are choosing to reap the benefits of the occasional booze-free social. And with the bonus of healthy ingredients and the promise of a hangover-free morning, why not give it a try?

Wonder Products

It’s forgivable to let your beauty regime slip during the winter months – what with the mad dash from the shower into your clothes to avoid the cold in the mornings, and the lack of motivation to spend too much time preening when we’ve got box sets to watch. But as January turns to a close, it’s time to start investing in a few summer preparation beauty products to get you back on track to beach babe again.

1. Pretend like all that holiday never happened and shield your skin from the cold with Sanctuary Illuminating Moisture Lotion, SPF 15. It’s got antioxidants like Red Bush tea, and make your skin look immediately radiant.


2. Palmers Purifying Facial Mask is brilliant for a pre-holiday ski detox. Use 1-2 times a week and let the green clay and almond oil replenish your skin and erase the signs of winter partying and weather.

Hen Beauty Treatment

3. Buff yourself up with the gorgeous-smelling St Tropez Body Polish. it leaves your skin feeling super soft, and is perfect whether you’re a tanner or not.

Tanning Sunbed

4. Garnier Body Tonic really does work at firming up the skin around your thighs, bum and stomach with caffeine and seaweed extracts. The lemon-scented, light cream leaves your skin feeling tingly and revitalised, and it dries in a flash so you can leap back into your jeans in no time.


Hen Party Ready Legs

5. Finally, a leave-in conditioner is a great way to protect your hair against the elements – no one likes wind and air-con blasted dry ends. Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance is the ultimate wonder beauty product for hair protection and moisture in winter, and the best part is you can take it on holiday for unbeatable beach hair too.

Hen Ready Hair

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