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Hen Ideas

Hen Do Dilemmas – Do you have to include the mothers?

Red7 Blogs , April 17, 2016

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Many brides say that they want their mother and mother-in-law in attendance at the hen do, but they have no idea that you were thinking of heading to Naughty Cabaret for the evening and sexual party games for the daytime!

If your bride has mentioned family and in-laws coming to the hen, make sure that as the organiser of the last big party before the wedding, you always take into consideration what the bride would want for her hen do and be respectful to the relationships that she has with these people in her life. Otherwise it could get awkward… Here are our top tips for keeping hen do inclusive for everyone!

Contact is Key

Hen Party Guests and Bride

When organising the hen do, make sure you’re keeping in contact with the bride and organising the type of event that she would want – not what you and your mates think she wants. Ask her questions along the way and then she will be a happy bride-to-be. This includes the type of activities as well as the guest list.  You could even include the brides mum in some of the planning, after all, mothers know best!

As bridesmaid, you have to organise the best hen do on the planet; that is until another friend gets married. A cultural weekend away can definitely include the mother-in-law, as can a spa or retreat, but a drunken naughty weekend in Brighton is not how the bride wants her mother-in-law to view her as she’s about to join the family…

Naughty Hen Night Penis Pasta

The Hen Spa Weekend Vs The Naughty Hen Nights Out

Nightlife Hen Party Limo

If you just can’t face getting rid of all the naughtiness, then you might want to think about splitting the hen do into two stage. The first hen do can be the one with her best girlfriends, which is definitely going to be a raucous affair, with drunken debauchery, creating memories we potentially wished we could forget. Then follow up with something more family-friendly, like a relaxing chilled spa day with the relatives, being pampered and preened as every bride and mother of the bride deserve.

If this is the case, then your life as a bridesmaid just got in one sense so much easier – but on another hand you’ve got two hens to organise and double the work…

Mother & Daughter Hen Day

Mother Daughter Hen Spa Day

There is also a possibility that the bride may be extremely close with her mother & her mother-in-law too, and might want this to be an event that they all want to share to add to the memories leading up to the big day. A cute afternoon tea at a fancy hotel would be a great way to ease into the celebrations, because who doesn’t love a tall glass of champagne and a cake stand of delicious pastries?

Combine All Your Hen Activities In One Day

Hen Party Dress Up Theme

If time is running out and the bride can’t fit two hen weekends/days in before the wedding, strategically organise events so that the day activities are inclusive of everyone and not particularly risqué. The naughtier activities can happen in the evening when the mothers can take themselves off to bed, fresh for the next day. Then that leaves the bride and all her besties free to party the night away whichever way they choose!

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