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Hen Ideas

Engagement Rings

Rob Reaks , June 27, 2019

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Choosing a ring that signifies your love and commitment to another person is deeply personal, here are a few of our favourite engagement rings to inspire you. Whatever your taste and budget, choosing an engagement ring should be fun. And, once “you’ve put a ring on it”, it’s time to start planning an awesome hen party or epic stag do! (that’s where we come in!)

engagement rings

You may choose a stone just because she likes them. Otherwise, why not choose a birthstone?

  • January Birthstone: Garnet
  • February Birthstone: Amethyst
  • March Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • April Birthstone: Diamond
  • May Birthstone: Emerald
  • June Birthstone: Pearl or Alexandrite
  • July Birthstone: Ruby
  • August Birthstone: Peridot
  • September Birthstone: Sapphire
  • October Birthstone: Tourmaline or Opal
  • November Birthstone: Topaz or Citrine
  • December Birthstone: Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise


When you think of an engagement ring, you probably don’t think of Pearls. But, recently, the June birthstone has emerged as a modernized, incredibly cool and chic choice. Pearls have endure through the ebbs and flows of trends, making them the perfect choice for an engagement ring that is both timeless yet modern. Classic and elegant, pearls are considered “the Queen of gems” and the oldest-known gem worn as jewellery by a Persian princess, dating back to around 520 B.C. How’s that for timeless?


Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March. …Aquamarine is a valued gem of ancient lineage. In the 19th century, sea green varieties of the stone were the most popular, but today, the more blue the colour, the more valuable the stone.

Not an engagement ring, but still a stunning example of how Aquamarine is a classy, striking stone for any woman to wear. Diana (and later Meghan) wore this beautiful ring on many occasions.

engagement rings, diana princess of wales, meghan markle

Emerald Engagement Rings

The Emerald represents healing and fertility. The verdant tones reflected in the jewel are tempered by a cool blue which symbolizes a steadfast bond. When it comes to famous engagement rings, in Jacqueline Kennedy’s case a diamond and an emerald that makes a bold statement.

engagement rings
JFK and Jackie ‘O’

Ruby Engagement Rings

For thousands of years, Ruby was considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. Like no other gemstone in the world, Ruby is the perfect symbol for powerful feelings.

Possibly the most famous fire-red sapphire engagement ring of modern times adorned the finger of the Duchess of York. It featured a Burmese ruby surrounded by diamonds. Prince Andrew designed that ring himself. Perhaps if they re-marry, we’ll see this ring again some day!

engagement rings

Princess Eugenie took inspiration from her mother (and father) when she chose her engagement ring in 2018. It Features an oval, coral-colored padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

Sapphire (and Diamond)

First worn by Lady Diana Spencer from February 1981 until her separation, Diana’s engagement ring consists of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon Sapphire set in 18-karat white gold. It was created by then-crown jeweller Garrard. It is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, the future Princess of Wales and one-day, our Queen.


The classic stone, will you opt for a simple solitaire or something more ‘bling’? When choosing your ring, don’t forget The 4Cs – clarity, cut, colour and carat. The 4Cs have since become the standard for describing a diamond’s specific characteristics. The combination of Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat denote a diamond’s value and rarity.

engagement rings
The Duke designed this ring himself, using two diamonds from his late mother, Diana Princess of Wales.

So, he’s put a ring on it….now it’s time to plan an awesome hen party or an epic stag do! That’s where we come in, over 30 years’ expertise in group travel, Red7 is the go-to place for the best Hen and Stag Weekend. Call us now 01273 872200

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