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Hen Ideas

Eight things you should pack in your summer hen weekend suitcase

Red7 , May 2, 2014

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More British brides are choosing to jet off on their hen weekend to sunnier climes. There’s much to be said for ditching the unpredictable British summer weather and whisking the hens off for cocktails by the pool, dancing on roof terraces until dawn, exploring a new city, sipping champers on the deck of a party boat, trying exotic cuisine and, dare we say it, admiring a host of exotic eye candy.

If you’re heading off abroad on a summer hen weekend adventure, here’s a few things you may want to remember to pack to ensure your hen party is more ‘Sex and the City’ than ‘Holiday Showdown.’ More ‘Wish You Were Here’ than ‘Castaway,’ or ‘Blue Crush’ than ‘Point Break.’ You get the drift…

1. A disposable camera

We all love taking photographs on our smartphones, but they can be very easy to lose after a few drinks or on the beach when everyone’s playing around in the sea. Take a camera you don’t mind losing. You could even seek out a waterproof or underwater camera for some extra summery snaps.

2. Glamorous shades, an enormous beach bag and killer wedges.

Hen weekends are no time to slum it on the beach. It’s time to unleash your inner beach goddesses and be the envy of the sun loungers.

3. Ear plugs and an eyemask

Trust us, when the hens all get together for a wild weekend away, you’ll need all the sleep you can get your hands on.

4. A hangover rescue kit

This should include pain killers, vitamins, under eye concealer and skin brighteners such as tinted moisturiser, illuminators and bronzers, and perhaps a map to the nearest greasy spoon. No one around the pool will be able to guess what you’ve been up to.

5. A summer playlist

Crank up the ipod speakers and come prepared with an official playlist of summer hits and old favourites. Get every member of the group to contribute with a few songs, or make a group playlist online.

6. Passports, tickets, currency and travel insurance.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but we all know it’s easy in all the excitement to forget the few things that really could ruin your hen weekend before it even gets started.

7. Hen party outfits

You may not fancy rocking up in matching feather boas and ‘L’ plates but no hen party is complete without a little something that ties the group together. This might be specially made T-shirts or fancy dress for a night out, a themed bikini day or even matching beach towels.

8. Gifts and games

If the bride isn’t a willy straw and panty raid kind of girl, we wouldn’t be surprised. Be a little more creative with your summer hen weekend entertainment – organise some beach games, have a cocktail making competition or arrange a series of presents for the bride-to-be to find in various locations around the resort or hotel.

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