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Here's what it takes to be a top hen

Britain’s Top Bridesmaids: The Untold Story

Red7 , April 24, 2017

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Our shortlisted bridesmaid’s spill the beans on what it takes to be a great bridesmaid

So, your bestie has just got engaged – cue Pinterest board overload, wedding magazine parties and cake testing (someone’s gotta do it!). For the party girls among us, the initial planning will obviously revolve around the big celebrations – engagement party (definitely), hen party (absolutely) and reception (100%). But the role of a bride’s right hand lady involves a lot more than just researching (and tasting!) cocktail recipes. It’s hard work!

Being a modern bridesmaid can feel like a full-time job – from dress shopping to decoration making and being a calming influence when things just don’t go quite to plan, it’s an all-important role.

Girls toast before a wedding

In our recent search for the Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid, women shared their incredible stories with us about just how much it takes to be the best bridesmaid EVER. To enter their bridesmaid into the running, brides nominated their ladies with tales about why they deserved the title most. We’ve selected our favourites to showcase the ladies who really know how to rule the roost when it comes to being an amazing chief hen.

1. My bridesmaid discovered she was pregnant with twins!

“In the run-up to my wedding, my best friend found out she was pregnant with twins. Not once did she allow it to stop her being the best MOH a girl could ask for. She attended all the dress fittings, venue viewings, helped decorate the venue, and made party favours. My MOH planned the main hen party: organised a disco bus for me and my now wife, sashes and bought all sorts of stuff for the goodie bags. To top it off, she spent my entire wedding day taking care of me, supporting me and even lifting my dress for a loo break! My wedding wouldn’t have been anything without her!”

-Hayley nominated Stacey for Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid

2. I’m a self-proclaimed ‘bridesmaidzilla’

“I’ve been a bridesmaid six times so far! I’m always a complete control freak throughout, organising everything from the flower garlands to the cocktail recipes. I got a reputation amongst our friends as the hen do party-planner for everyone tying the knot. I must be doing something right – I’ve just been asked to be a bridesmaid for another wedding in the summer!”

-Jessica Greener, Crowned Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid

3. My right land lady planned everything – apart from my embarrassing getaway outfit!

“The date of the wedding was set – 5th September. 4 months and 1 day from engagement to marriage. It’s not a record, but it’s certainly up there amongst our friends and family! My chief bridesmaid is very imaginative, creative and loves a challenge! I mean, who else could’ve organised a hen party thousands of miles away whilst on holiday in Canada?

“The big day soon arrived, and I had a disaster on the morning… her dress, sadly failed to stand the test of time, but ever the professional – I didn’t know about it until the day after! She even took a tumble whilst being the ultimate bridesmaid on my loo break – SHE DIDN’T LET GO!!

“The one thing that I was in charge of, was to ensure that I had a change of clothes for the day after. I didn’t. And a long story short – I departed from the party venue on my first full day as a married woman in a cow onesie. I kid you not.”

-Eleri nominated Mererid for Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid

4. My chief Hen literally planned my wedding free of charge!

“My best friend made all my favours from scratch, drew up a seating plan, made my centre pieces as well as conducted all of the usual bridesmaid duties. Several days of dress shopping, weeks of hen party planning, all the while being mummy to two young children. When it came to the actual day, Natalie went above and beyond and spent a full day decorating the venue for me and another day taking all the decorations down again! My wedding wouldn’t have been half the day it was without her.”

-Sophie nominated Natalie for Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid

5. Charlotte, my MOH, was battling leukaemia throughout the planning of my wedding.

“My best friend of 20 years was fighting a battle with cancer when I got engaged. Unsure of whether or not she would be there to stand by my side on my wedding day, she wrote me letters at each moment of the wedding planning. She wrote a letter when I first got engaged and various letters throughout her treatment, all without me knowing she was doing this. She drew predictions about the day and my dress, wrote letters after dress shopping, hen do planning – everything.

“On the night before my wedding she handed me a box with all the letters inside for me to read, along with lots of thoughtful presents. I sat sobbing, reading each one in order. Then on the actual wedding day, after our wedding breakfast, she stood in front of all 100 guests and read out her very last letter to me. Needless to say, everyone was in tears.

“My best friend/ maid of honour was the most incredible bridesmaid anyone could ask for. Not only did she support me at every moment of the wedding planning, organise two incredible hen dos and do my make up on the wedding day, but she also kicked cancer’s butt in the process.”

-Rebecca nominated Charlotte for Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid. Charlotte was runner-up for Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid.

6. My bridesmaid was one of my triplet sisters!

“Being a triplet isn’t always easy. Being bridesmaid to both of your triplet sisters within a month of each other and still looking for your own Mr Right isn’t easy. But she didn’t let this stop her. Two perfect hen dos planned with amazing little touches throughout and two perfect weddings! Both myself and my sister received wonderful personalised items throughout the wedding.”

-Charlotte nominated Rebecca for Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids before the wedding

7. My sister planned two weddings at the same time!

“Angela organised an amazing hen party weekend for almost 30 people, putting together a goodie bag for every single one of them. She also helped make the stationary, the favours (which I had given up on because they were too fiddly!) and decorated the venue. Not only did she do all of this for me… she was also doing exactly the same thing for a friend of her who had her hen party just two weeks after mine and her wedding just two weeks before mine! Throughout the day, she kept things running incredibly smoothly – even sewing a bridesmaid back into her dress after a wardrobe malfunction.”

-Cathryn nominated Angela for Nation’s Favourite Bridesmaid

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